Pixel Enemy: Alpha Protocol Video Preview

Pixel Enemy: Last week Pixel Enemy got a chance to attend the Sega Press event in New York City. With a strong line up on display for 2010, it looks like Sega is set to have a banner 1st half of the year. One of the games on display was Alpha Protocol, a game that seems like it has been in development for an eternity. Fear not, we got a chance to chat with Alpha Protocol's Assistant Producer, Matthew Hickman, about the delay, the combat, and different approaches your character can take in the game. Alpha Protocol seems to be the next installment in the Western RPG. It looks and plays like a traditional 3rd person shooter but has the leveling up system of a traditional RPG. If your a fan of the Fallout or Mass Effect series, be sure to check out Alpha Protocol.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

¿That is the final product?

Because that gameplay didn't convince me.

And there are some features, well, similar to other games.

I don't see a ''must have'' for this game.

dgroundwater3669d ago

Well it's far from reinventing the wheel, the action looks about average for a shooter these days, and the graphics are nothing special. So yeah on paper it doesn't exactly sing.

But a game like this thrives on replayability and letting you make interesting choices. If those aren't fun, this game will suck.

exnihilonihilfit3669d ago

So long as it plays well, I think this game has the potential to be great. Gunplay seemed functional which is all that is necessary, because it's the RPG elements that will make the game shine. With a good story, and a couple of features which I think will set it apart, I think it'll be really impressive. I'm really looking forward to it, and so long as it isn't broken (which I can't imagine it would be after this long in development) it should get pretty good reviews. Obsidian knows what they're doing. These guys appear to have a close relationship to Bioware, and their games are well received, for the most part garnering solid 8's or 9's. Let's also hope this is good because these guys are also behind New Vegas.