ResumePlay Review: White Knight Chronicles

resumeplay writes: "I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with all the bad press this game has been getting. In one review the online portion got a measly paragraph, which consisted of very little information and a lot of bad talk over scrolling through the Terms of Service (which I might add can be completely skipped by simply pressing right on the d-pad)."

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stoppre3669d ago

i haven't heard great things about this game from ANYONE. probably wouldn't have played it anyway but i am sure a lot of people are let down

smashly3669d ago

Even though it's been getting nothing but mediocre reviews, I still really want to give this game a shot.

brandynevils3669d ago

No desire to play this at all.

Blaster_Master3669d ago

This game is the best jrgp since FFX. Its a masterpiece. Anyone who says otherwise more then likely didn't like games like Xenogears, NES and SNES classics and the like. If you love old school jrpgs then this game will blow your freakin mind.

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