Crackdown 2 release tagged for June

VG247: Microsoft's confirmed it has dated Crackdown 2 for a release in June

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blue7xx73659d ago

Awesome news I'm going to be broke this year that's for sure. So many great games coming out every single month throughout the whole year.

green3659d ago

Splinter cell conviction - April,
Alan Wake and Halo Reach Beta - May,
Crackdown 2 - June.

N4PS3G3659d ago

Hey!! !! Where's Alan Wake - (MAY) and Metro 2033 (MARCH) ?

green3659d ago

But i still need to see more about Metro 2033 to be totally convinced.As for me, march is going to be all about FF13,Perfect Dark and Toy soldiers.

ape0073659d ago

crackdown 2 will be the SH!T

Dance3659d ago

Looking forward to 4 player co-op

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