The Future's Bright for PC Hardware this Year

PCs ruled the roost in 2009. While console gaming hit the brick wall of its own technical limitations, PC gaming technology just continued to get better, faster and cheaper as the year wore on. And now that 2010 is well underway you know that the coming year is going to be a belter for new PC computing and gaming tech.

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Charmers3660d ago

Nice to see a positive PC article for a change. I admit the technology coming out this year is impressive. However it doesn't change the fact that PC's are now limited by the consoles. Microsoft could bring out Dx20 tomorrow on the PC and it wouldn't matter we would still be stuck with dx9 games.

The software industry has gotten very lazy, very fat and very greedy. It really does need a kick up the rear end.

DiffusionE3660d ago

That is exactly what I've always been saying. PC gaming has huge potential to be light years ahead of it's current state. But due to corporate greed, it's being chained down.

dreamtheater873660d ago

At least in some areas the PC is still moving forward regardless of consoles - 3D. Now obviously it will come to consoles eventually, but NVidia's 3D Vision has been out for over a year and is simply incredible. Real depth in games completely changes the experience for the better, and I'm so glad that I'm a PC gamer and get to enjoy this tech now rather than later.

champ213660d ago

Pc hardware manufacturers need to push the software developers, or else i see little reason for upgrading any more. Hell there isnt much of a reason to upgrade even 3yr old gpus, since consoles just cant keep up.

chak_3660d ago

bubble, that is exactly my point.

Why would I upgrade if all we get are bad ports & indie games.

bad company 2 runs well on my comp, maybe crysis 2, but I'm not even sure.

adsaidler3659d ago

my 4870 is going to last until the next generation of consoles :)

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