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Time Lord3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

It's that time of the month again.

Megaton3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Sales: serious business that directly impacts the level of fun we can have with games.

Genesis53659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Didn't Greenburg once say. "It dosen't matter who sells more in January. It's the holdays that count."

lelo2play3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Great numbers for Wii and DS (as usual)...
Good numbers for X360 and PS3...
Not so good numbers for PSP...
... numbers for the PS2 are from a console that's ending it's life cycle. PS2 had a great life.

Nintendo this generation is murdering the competition.

PS: As for the 2 million proclaimed for Mass Effect 2 sales, you have to take in account the rest of the world and also the PC sales numbers.

As for MAG i expected it to be in the top 10... and it's not. I guess bad numbers for MAG.

II-Reaper-II3659d ago

Vgchartz had The PS3 at 350,000 for the month and they r not usually that far off from npd,very strange?Also i remember people were saying that ME2 sold 2 million in 1 week and now we know it was a lie because it sold 600,000+ in the U.S and it sells a little less in europe lol.Somebody overstating facts like always?huh

bioshock12213659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Yep it is. I can't believe army of two 40th day sold so well. I was expecting it to bomb and where is bayonneta and MAG. Why don't they ever release the top 20 instead I would like to see how both did.

At above ^^^ Mass Effect 2 sold 2 million worldwide and this is just for america so it's possible it sold 2 million worldwide.

ape0073659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

happy being a gamer :)

hope bioshock 2 do great cause I played it 4 like 2 hours and it rocked


infamousinfolite3659d ago

is clearly beating the ps3 in sales.

JokesOnYou3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

MW2 is a great game, despite all the haters on n4g(not that they really matter anyway) its by far ps3's best selling game and 360's 2nd best selling game for the month....the game is just so much fun. I'm dissapointed Bayonetta isn't on the list, the gameplay in that game is second to none when it comes to action games, even edging out the great Ninja Gaiden. btw, Zipper has to be dissapointed MAG is a no show on the charts.

wii dominating as usual, 360 showing its strength and ps3 hangin in there.....great time to be a gamer.


FlipMode3659d ago

It looks like these sales are going to be pretty even from now on.

ape0073659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

yeah lol

mw2 Rocks and numbers prove that

anyway peace and game on dude :)

CrazzyMan3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

x360 won this month vs ps3 in NA.
Deal with that.

Though, WorldWide it`s PS3 all the way.
However, x360 is still a STRONG competitor in NA, which won`t be defeated so easily like in Japan or Europe.

This month Heavy Rain and next month FFXIII with God of War 3. It will be interesting to see, how x360 will deal with that in NA. =)

TOO PAWNED3659d ago

MAG flopped, not in top 10, yeah yeah i know it had 4-5 days on sale, but so did ME2 and look at it . RPG doing those numbers

xTruthx3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Mag is a new IP, mass effect inst and if its not like cod, that u need t camp do be good it wont sell as much

JokesOnYou it sold well cus people though it was going to be as good as cod4 but it clearly isn't. Full of glitches and is made for camping which makes the game horrible. I got nukes in CTF, sabotage, and dm always cus I did the same crap over and over, you only need a harrier, chopper gunner and ull get te nuke, its retarded. Now they will release a new cod on December with all the problems fixed. Activition is a joke.

BulletToothtony3659d ago

when the ps3 passes the 360's numbers worldwide i think there is gonna be a lot of suicides..

mint royale3659d ago

Congrats all 3 but especially nintendo. I guess they'll wish this gen will never end. If you talk about sales without mentioning them then you are kidding yourself.

JokesOnYou3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

"JokesOnYou it sold well cus people though it was going to be as good as cod4" -xTruthx

lol, you might be able to use that excuse at launch but the game came out in Novemeber and its still the best selling ps3 game for January, its likely to be for February and yet you think people are still buying it because IW is tricking them into thinking its as good as COD4, lol just NO, people are buying it still because its getting alot of playtime and gamers tend to buy things when the word of mouth gets out about a good game, if the game was anywhere near as bad as n4g elites said people would be trading it in and definitely not still playing it in the millions and buying huge quantities of it right now. If you personally think the flaws equal a bad game that's fine but that makes you a very tiny insignificant minority for the rest of the world MW2 kick ass, so just deal with reality and go play whatever you like.

@ ape007, It's good to see there are a few of us MW2 supporters/gamers left on n4g....either way if I see you online don't expect any special treatment, fcking headshots for me are like Spinach to Popeye.


Blaster_Master3659d ago

I just caught a trojan virus loading up this page. Not cool.

xTruthx3659d ago

jokes do you even have a ps3 ? I have over 60 friends and almost every 1 was playing it when it came out, now only 5 or 8 still play it. if it was that good i doubt over 30 pep would stop playing it.

silvacrest3659d ago

looks like ME2 made a difference(established franchise), unfortunately MAG didn't (online only new IP)

RememberThe3573659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

All this arguing over Sony and MS, and Nintendo is blowing everyone out of the water.

MAG didn't even make it into the top ten. Maybe Sony should have advertised. I still need to pick the game up though, the beta was a blast and the final release looks even better.

Mass Effect 2 deserve every sale it gets, that game is amazing.

MW2 doesn't deserve those sales at all IMO, there are much better games out there. Hell, Playing MW2 made me want to go back to COD4.

Lemmiwinks3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

MAG is cool game but its not for everyone, including me, when will 360 owners understand that every gamer doesnt have to flock to one game lol. we ps3 owners flock to games we like and usually we get spread out. or were just smart consumers going through rough times and even tho were not buying games we still have the option to buy really good games and we have a superior piece of hardware....times are tough not everyone has parents to buy there games for them, if my parents help me its to buy groceries, and gas for my car, not buy me the new bioshock 2 or battle field bad company 2...the 360 is beating the ps3 by 60000 approx, well guess what in europe and japan combined the ps3 gains more then 60000 so the 360 is actually losing to the ps3 if you really want to get a numbery and technical...personally i dont care just thought you want to know the truth.....ohh yeah and to get the whole 1 year headstart to be far how bout when microsoft stops making the 360 like the xbox 1, and sony continues to support the ps3 we will dedicate that year to give the ps3 a fair chance to completely pass the 360 if it hasnt happend all ready...and no one can say its not fair, cuz logically it will be fair. like honestly ask yourselves this what true next generation console that starts off at 600 (that exclaims the Wii it started at 279.00 in a recession lol) and can come out of a year behind and 10 mil or so behind....the fact that the ps3 is pumping out better quality , more exclusives graphically, exclude personally gaming preference each to their own something to be proud can play the total sales number game and disregard the year and 10 mil head start as a factor all you want, but when it comes right down to it the ps3 has been out selling the 360 world wide since the slim launched.....america or canada isnt the fin world... i live in canada by the way.... and also it has been outselling the 360 overall if you put there launches side by side....i hate the numbers game i dont believe that it really matters to me, but i do believe in the truth.

edit 4 disagrees but no one to say why im N4g really has to make that in denial button lol

KingME3659d ago

Why do you sound so butt hurt?

3659d ago
callahan093659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

The most telling thing about these numbers to me is that Darksiders outsold Bayonetta. Sad. I just beat Bayonetta today for the first time, and I must say, that game is utterly brilliant. Should have made the top 10 if gamers knew 1 god damn thing about good games to spend their money on, but obviously they don't, so whatever. Sales are meaningless about quality.

Edit: Oh and by the way, I beat Darksiders too. I don't make comparisons or statements about games I haven't played. It was pretty good, but Bayonetta was genius.

The Lazy One3659d ago

ME2 sold ~600k in 5 days on one continent. I'd say it's very possible to sell 2 million globally in 2 weeks.

I'm sure everyone set on buying a PS3 would rather pick up a different console instead of driving <5 minutes to walmart/best buy/futureshop to buy the console they actually want.

3659d ago
3659d ago
PoSTedUP3659d ago

i use to play sales, now i play games. the time you waste talking about sales--you're letting the sales play You. wake up.

Saaking3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

ME2 seems like it was indeed a system seller. It's sad to see NA is still buying the 360 even though it's much inferior, but atlas NA =/= the world. PS3 sells around 200k+ in Japan and outsells the 360 in NA. I'll go ahead and say the PS3 beat the 360 world wide by a good 250k+.

kenkaniff3659d ago

All I know is that you could not find a PS3 in NYC during the month of January. My friend tried to find one for weeks. She almost ended up going to New Jersey.

mikeslemonade3659d ago

PS3 wins worldwide by like 200,000-250,000 units for January. One week of PS3 japan sales pretty much cancels out the lead the 360 made in one month in America.

gamer20103659d ago

One week of Japan sales? Come on, show me. That's not what I have seen.

Anyway, good numbers for pretty much all the systems. The Wii is a phenomenon. The 360 continues to sell very strong and the PS3 isn't too far behind.

jaysquared3659d ago

Its sad how Sony fans bring up all the other sales around the world to make the PS3 even in sales.. Last gen sonys console was just killing the competition and now the PS3 is just scrapping by to get into second place.. Sony did really drop the ball with the PS3 hopefully they have learned their lessons that its all about the games and not "movie features" that gamers buy consoles for!

Parapraxis3659d ago

jaysquared, you're full of it.
Sony has brought some of the best games I've ever played. Period.
I've been gaming for almost 25 years.
If Sony "dropped" the ball with PS3, then I guess it's because they've already won the game ...and took home the trophy.

But of course, you probably judge a company solely on financial reports and not the number of HIGH quality exclusives they make every single year, eh.

Mikeyy3659d ago

"All I know is that you could not find a PS3 in NYC during the month of January. My friend tried to find one for weeks. She almost ended up going to New Jersey. "

Almost LOL,

Not even the PS3 could make a New Yorker goto Jersey.

jaysquared3659d ago

"But of course, you probably judge a company solely on financial reports and not the number of HIGH quality exclusives they make every single year, eh."

Isn't that what it comes down to at the end of the day? If Sony isn't making any money on their games or console you think they would still be making them?? You know the PS3 has been a disappoinment compared to the PS2 and many Sony fans know that but are just to butt hurt to admit it. And of course games are a lot better and they should be!! games are like technology they get better and better every year!

mikeslemonade3659d ago


Just scrapping in 2nd place? PS3 just hit $299 at its cheapest sku the same price as the PS2 launched. It's just that too many short sighted individuals supported the wrong console this generation. We would have more advanced games like Uncharted 2, but nope you guys are too blind to see the PS3's potential.

Rampant3659d ago


Microsoft should just show Sony how a price cut is done and get it over with.

DelbertGrady3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Funny. I can swear some of you guys had no problem at all "playing the sales game" in some of these articles:

jaysquared3659d ago


yeah isn't it sad that the more expensive 360 is outselling the PS3 even though the PS3 is the best bang for the buck. I mean c'mon with xbox live $50 a year, wifi $100 rechargable batteries $20 the 360 cost about $400 but its still outselling the cheaper PS3!! The PS3 isn't even close to outselling the wii..

Sony must be kicking themselves this gen.. Going from outselling the competition by more than 5x with the PS2 to coming in third at almost 4 years into the console life.. We all know that the PS3 is a disappoinment to Sony and their fans.. Just accept it and move on..

Pekka3659d ago

@jaysquared: Don't add some useless features to the price of 360. Live and rechargable batteries are necessary (at least if you want to play online, some people don't) but wifi definitely isn't. Most 360 owners use wired connection (better for gaming anyway), only very few 360 owners buys wifi.

SL1M DADDY3659d ago

For North America, yes. World wide... Nope. But in the end, does it matter? At this late in the game it is evident that both consoles will be around for some time and that the PS3 is gaining world wide so much so that it will become second place by the end of the gen... Not a place to brag about IMHO. Both of these consoles should be doing better than the Wii but the casuals sure do have a thing for the redesigned Gamecube.

vhero3659d ago

New Super Mario brothers outsold Mass Effect 2... A 3 month old game outsold a supposedly AAA game on its launch week in 360's supposed highest selling territory? Think of it what you will but that adds even more reason to bring it to PS3 now. Sure Mario had an extra 2 weeks of sales but in reality its not like Mass Effect 2 was out of stock everywhere anybody could have picked up a copy in those 2 weeks. Make of it what you will.. Even Modern Warfare 2 outsold it between both PS3 and 360...


" @jaysquared: Don't add some useless features to the price of 360. Live and rechargable batteries are necessary (at least if you want to play online, some people don't) but wifi definitely isn't. Most 360 owners use wired connection (better for gaming anyway), only very few 360 owners buys wifi. "

are you kidding me,,, lolololol

I can't even remember for how long now we have seen arguments with 360 fans saying the 360 is cheaper and ps3 fans arguing that it does not count because you have to take into account all the addon's. So your saying we can now disregard that argument and the 360 fans were correct all along when they said the 360 is cheaper. wow

I don't understand some of you. whenever someone talks about getting games on the 360 cos it's cheaper, people keep pointing out its more expensive because you buy all this other stuff, ok... but then when the sales numbers come up suddenly the 360 is cheaper again. which is it ?

artsaber3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

360 fans are the worst mathematicians on Earth. They cannot figure out the total end cost for their whole console rig to save their mother's life. That is why Microsoft uses a Point System for buying online items.

they have been flip flopping and floundering over their so-called "cheaper" console's complete price since it was launched. They tout it's cheaper even when they had the most expensive rig possible, complete with that brick of a HDDVD external drive. A comparable 360 feature vs feature against the PS3, would cost you double in the end. Don't lie, some of you have that HDDVD drive in your closet... lying to the world and still whispering, "It's cheaper"

darthv723659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

the "period" of the US games industry.


On topic: The ds numbers look to be combined of ds lite and dsi. Over in jp they break them down into dsl, dsi and dsll. Crazy numbers for wii and ds. You would think they have hit the saturation point but nope.

360 beat ps3 but I wonder why?

@artsaber: I wont hide it. I have the hddvd add-on and lots of movies too. They look the same as bluray at my tv native res of 720p. I use it as my primary dvd upscaler too. Why would it matter to you though? Other "options" are subjective like wifi and rechargable batteries. The wii doesnt require rechargable batteries so why should the 360? Replacing batteries when they die is really a big deal for some people isnt it??? I know it would suck for me to try and replace the battery in my ds3.

Which is cheaper from the perspective of replacing batteries or the entire controller? I will have to say the wifi for the 360 is better than the ps3. Maybe not worth the price of admission but definately better. I get no drops in connection or speed when gaming or netflix (and my 360 is 3 rooms away) where as my ps3 has its issues and in the same room as the router. I have made countless changes to improve signal strength and reliability and still have issues. Now I just use the wifi in the ps3 for remote play and use wired connection for online. Heck, even the wii has better wifi than ps3 (just my personal experience).

Think of it this way, what works for one may not be required for the other. Sony offers wifi and wired and MS offers wired and wifi extra, nintendo offers wifi and wired extra. The last two being optional but not deal breaking. Stop trying to state that a console MUST have the same as what you want in order to be justified. For me its all about the games. The only justification I NEED is good games and go figure...all three have that.


@ artsaber

you prove my point exactly. The flip flopping is coming from your friends.

Darkstorn3659d ago

WHAT? How the hell could the 360 outsell the PS3 by so many units right before Heavy Rain, GoW III, MAG, etc.

This isn't making sense.

Old Greg3658d ago

Theres always an excuse.
The amount of hype thats in place for this game, should have garnered it atleast a top 5 spot.
So what happens when its not top 10 for the month of Feb? Maybe then we can all agree it didnt sell very well.

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blackboyunltd3659d ago

its working for me, wow super mario wii is a beast

solar3659d ago

sad that UC2 isnt in the software list. come on ps3 owners buy games!! and again the 360 beats the ps3. and why are ppl buy MW2? i see console owners buy any crap with hype and a big name. another sad month for us true gamers.

trancefreak3659d ago

I know nintendo is rockin but I would love an hd console from them. I would really like to play nintendo games in the same capacity as 360 or ps3 games.

Nintendo can support 2 consoles 1 for me and the wii for the uh well the other folks.

Regarding mag though since I love fps games and my ps3s, I just cant see spending 60 bucks on a online only game. IMO it should of priced like socom around 40 us dollars with a headset option. Honestly I have to pass on mag for now so I can GoW 3, heavy rain and bad co 2.
those are my picks and im going to be broke.

I still need to pick up me2 for my xbox jeez need another job for gaming but then i would have no time to play :(

sukru3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

But frankly I'd expect at least a million. I loved the game, and there was much hype, still it only sold twice of MW2 in its third month (or outsold if you also add PS3 version).

blue7xx73659d ago

It has sold 2 million worldwide apparently this is just for america. Anyways It's kinda disappointing bayonneta is not up there.

xenogamer3659d ago

that low, not low compared to succes, but to overall hype that it was getting it. I havent bought my copy but im going this week end. Really dugg the first one so im pretty excited.

mrblacknut3659d ago

You all are aware that is one week of sales for ME2. The real question is what happen to MAG that was released day and date and had a midnight launch also and didn't hit the top 10.

3659d ago
Dannagar3659d ago


Those aren't low sales for Mass Effect 2. Just remember that ME2 came out on the 26th of Jan. So those sales are for only the last part of the month.

Solidus187-SCMilk3659d ago

around 600K for just 6 days on sale and this is only in the Americas. Pretty darn good. Also notice taht is just the 360 version and doesnt include the PC version(especially the downloads).

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xaviertooth3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

horayy 50k!

now lets look at worldwide sales jan 2010

360 ---------------- ps3

167,716 ----------- 206,467
154,015 ----------- 199,460
153,873 ----------- 212,533
196,593 ----------- 291,107
313,114 ----------- 510,439

that's from vgchartz.

@tdrules: yes i know vgchartz's unreliable. so add few more thousands to ps3 figures then it will be credible.

tdrules3659d ago

since when did VGChartz become a reliable source lmao

Droid Smasha3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

youre trying to hard lol

5-oj3659d ago


Droid Smasha3659d ago

buh..buh..buh only six dayyyyyssss!!!!

we won3659d ago

Now I see why Sony is showing GOW3 toda, it's Sony's attempt to do damage control because of MSFT's event and the hint of PS3 numbers returning to normal.

The Killer3659d ago Show
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

...was this(the NPD Sales)the 'BIG NEWS' on that 'X10' show then??? ;-D
I have looked at the other stories on this site for something xBox 360 to blow-me-away and most of it we knew already!!! ;-D

+ ONLY 572K??? for 'Mass Effect 2'???
In the eyes of the ChavBot that is a FLOP!!! ;-D

+ Oh well at least the 'PS3' is KILLING the 'xBox 360' in Worldwide sales!!! ;-P

Wrathman3659d ago

blah blah worldwide sales are more than the xbox.well guess doesnt will still take 10 years to close the gap at this rate.

poor sony fanboys.

wots next? A SLIM SLIM PS3?


Lemmiwinks3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

all those natural disasters kill children and pregnant women so if that really is this so called god's work then he really is no better then those dogs you speak of that are in afganizthan.two wrongs dont make a right, i thought the devil was the guy that fights fire with more fire lol get your story straight ill informed christian..haha i love you close minded christians that have no grasp on logic. to be clear by the way there is no proof of existence ever that god ever walked the earth or jesus and the only proof is a 50 version bible lol....that plagerizes the Egyptian religion and Aztecs ted would ask marshal can i say it and marshal would say Ill allow it u've just been lawyered fine with what other people believe i understand why people believe in religion it gives them hope and stregth and makes them be okay with death, but i am not fine with the whole in your face attitude that some christians have keep your religious believes to yourself and ill keep my science to myself....but once that word God slips out your far game.....

L-Teezy3659d ago

@ THE KILLER. omg... u need help man. i reported your extremely offensive comment. go to hell

gamer20103659d ago

The Killer is a chauvinist and he hates Americans. In fact, that is probably the biggest reason behind why he hates the 360 so much. I reported his offensive comment as well.

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Dark3603659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Poor DROIDS but dont worry have fun with the two flops of the month MAG...White Knight Chronicles and the average game called Heavy Rain...

Again Xbox 360 The Real Winner And The Ps3 The Real Loser

...Sorry DROIDS Better Luck Next Time...LOL

blasian3659d ago

while ur still playing ME2 and..... umm... uh....... .... ya i got nothing