GameSpot: Final Fantasy XIII Hands-On

The event kicked off with a screening of the full intro movie to the game, which showcased the high-quality cinematics and introduced the main characters. The movie began with the camera panning through a deep valley covered in lush vegetation. Three birdlike creatures then flew through the valley, up into the sky, to reveal a vast airborne city, filled with futuristic-looking buildings and vehicles.

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facepalm3667d ago

From the article:
"However, we noticed at this stage that the movies on the Xbox 360 suffered from more compression than on the PlayStation 3, while the Xbox 360 had an overall crisper image quality in the main game."

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride...

Shaman3667d ago

I was just about to post is port!Kuddos to 360 design team it looks like good gpu is indeed the way to go...

ReverseFate3667d ago

From IGN's preview:

"As expected, the 360 version was noticeably less crisp than its PS3 counterpart, but it still ran nicely."

Not sure what to believe anymore.

Shaman3666d ago

Isnt that a quote from some random girl who said she saw both and 360 version is inferior to ps3?
Can you please provide a link?

Vivi3666d ago

Just wait for the Lens of Truth comparison.

The 'Crisper' image quality that IGN and Gamespot mention (for the opposite version) could easily be down to a difference in display settings on the TV or on the actual console (such as Superwhite or RGB full range on the PS3 being turned on/off).

AKNAA3666d ago

OMG... If this is true and I see it with my own eyes, I'm Gonna be soooo F$$Kin' dissapointed in the PS3!!! This version should top the 360 in every possible aspect of the game. If both versions are equal, then thats all good too.

But I swear, this better be bullsh1t, otherwise, I'm jumping ship and heading to the world of alan wake.

Aquanox3666d ago

Obviously, the DVD makes devs compress movies more, but the fact that a ported game that is suppossed to take advantage of PS3 hardware looks better on Xbox 360 in terms on In-Game visuals just shows that the so talked about superiority of Sony's console is non existant.

Karooo3666d ago

PS3 has better Ingame graphics and better cinematics wow.

heroprotagonist3666d ago

Yes but IGN were also the ones that said Bioshock looked better on the PS3, but when people actually got their hands on the game and detailed comparisons came out it was obvious that their comments were a bunch of malarky. The PS3 version was in fact inferior.

heroprotagonist3666d ago

I thought PS3 fans trusted Gamespot more than IGN now. ???

green3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

If the 360 version is visually on par with the ps3 version, i will be highly disappointed in the PS3.If it is so much more powerful than the 360 as Sony reps and their defence force claim it is, why can't it shine in multiplats compared to the 360? FF13 was made 1st on the PS3 then ported to the 360, so there should be no reason why this game should look on par on the 360.

Last gen i had both a ps2 and an xbox and multiplats looked night and day better on the xbox.Never did i see a single multiplat game look on par and that was because the xbox was more powerful than the ps2 and never had any issues flexing its muscles.

Uncharted 2 is the most visually impressive console game i have played but after seeing the Alan Wake trailer and reading the impressions from the x10 event the game is visually on par with Uncharted 2.

So pls were is this supposed power hiding that Sony said will make the 360 look like xbox 1.5?

II-Reaper-II3666d ago

Guys what he saying is the in -game visuals look crisper than the cg movies on the 360.He wasnt making a direct console to console comparison.

Ravage273666d ago

ever since SE changed to the multiplat Crystal Tools i never expected there to be huge differences between the 2 versions visually.

They are not even using the all the SPUs for god sake

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Omega43666d ago

So the 360 version beats the PS3 version in in-game graphics o.0

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

With 3 DVD's Compressed files and Ported Version on Xbox 360, yes, as a Fanboy from Xbox, yes, you are right, I think is better than PS3 in game and cut scenes.

Doesn't matter if PS3 have Uncompressed files and is programmed, not ported and use the blu ray quality for cut scenes.

Xbox 360 is better because Im an Ignorant Fanboy like you =).

5-oj3666d ago

No wrong PS3 beat the 360 & that a know fact. :)

Ocelot5253666d ago

omega clearly failed reading tests in school

bioshock12213666d ago

Sound good I really want this game the most out of all the ones coming out this year.

-MD-3666d ago

"while the Xbox 360 had an overall crisper image quality in the main game."


WMW3666d ago

the 360 version is still gimped with multiple disk(the ps3 version doesn't have multiple disk or installs) also it has compressed sound which you hear throughout the game so that is a big thing and it has compressed graphics in cut scenes which there are 10 hours of them so that is another negative. the ps3 version is the only one worth gett no matter how you look at get over 360 fanboys.

digoutyoursoul83666d ago

so having to get off your lazy backside to change a disc is a negative? sort your head out you weirdo

heroprotagonist3666d ago

I wonder if you would have the same attitude about all the multi-platform games that are superior on the 360. Somehow I doubt it.

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