Greenberg: Xbox 360 outsells PS3 333K to 277K, Mass Effect 2 does 572K units in just 6 days

Aaron Greenberg: Great NPD Jan results to kick-off 2010: Xbox 360 outsells PS3 333K to 277K, Mass Effect 2 does 572K units in just 6 days!

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blue7xx73662d ago

No wonder he was excited for the NPD results. Good to see Mass Effect 2 is doing good.

GreenRingOfLife3662d ago

Its good to see Xbox 360 still staying strong and maintaining a good lead in front of ps3

Blaze9293662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

wooow a whole whopping 50,000 units...

Amazing numbers for Mass Effect 2 though.

sak5003662d ago

wow congrats MS on keeping the console alive after all the doom stories from last year. Looks like 2010 is begining with a bang for 360. Hope the reign continues throughout 2010.

green3662d ago

In terms of the HD console race, Microsoft has got the US locked down.

3662d ago
LordMarius3662d ago

Hey Greenberg can I have the Wii numbers as well, haha

frankymv3662d ago

The guy will be canned when the 720 launches

BulletToothtony3662d ago

bu bu but the sales are more important than good video games..

I'm tired of this silly mentality.. that's like saying that just because there is more Big Macs sold than steak dinners that Big Macs are better..

Spend money on games not on DLC nor silly PRs, enough is enough

Carl14123662d ago

Pretty expected really.

What's this...This second time the 360 has outsold the PS3 since last September? ;)

Homicide3662d ago

Very nice for 360 and Mass Effect 2.

Today has been a great day for Microsoft, the Xbox 360 ecosystem, 360 gamers and fanboys.

baum3662d ago

"The 'Mass Effect' Effect "


mugoldeneagle033662d ago

Are obvious when you launch an exclusive AAA title, so Microsoft should be happy. Sony will be just as happy when FFXIII (in Japan), GOW3 & GT5 all launch and I'm willing to bet the gap will be a bit larger than 56k...But good numbers to start the year off for MS. Next up Feb & March for Sony.

I'm still interested to see how FF13 sales will play out in the US.

JokesOnYou3662d ago

According to n4g folks I heard once sony cut the price that the 360 would never outsell the ps3 again in the US...hell remember how they used to say 360 should be outselling the wii at that price, ps3's only barrier was being so much more expensive. Yet the wii still dominates them both even while the price gap has closed considerably.


SilentNegotiator3662d ago

The 360 sees a slight lead for once and Greenberg is back out of his cave. Shocker.

Shadow Flare3662d ago

America is the only place microsoft are really safe to talk about sales without looking stupid. They daren't mention europe because ps3 has outsold them there despite launching 18 months later and always being at a higher price point. And they can't talk about japan because they're still struggling to keep their head above ps2 sales every week. Every week in japan, its the battle of the dvd9 consoles. So america is the only place microsoft can feel safe discussing without looking stupid. And they'll portray it as the only territory you really need to win. lol. There's a bigger territory out there aaron. Its called earth, and you're last in 2 out of 3 of its main territories

IdleLeeSiuLung3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

This proves that it is just not the price gap alone. The PS3 has:

a) better value
b) better reliability
c) more featured technology: wifi, blu-ray
d) exclusive games
e) recent price cut
f) recent re-design
g) more marketing than ever

I mean everything is in Sony's boat, but they just can't beat the 360. I wonder what it is, because from the outset it seems like the PS3 should sell like hotcakes.

The 360 just had the dryest year in games, no price cut and they removed the intermediary SKU (which happens to be their most popular one). So what gives?

doG_beLIEfs3662d ago

Why is it 360 fans and employees think NPD is all that matters? I just do not get it. And some wonder why we Americans are considered so arrogant.

NPD=World in the eyes of MS and her fans.

It is good that the 360 is doing well in NA, but don't get all uppitty over good sales in one region when there are three regions that report sales.

Both consoles are over 30M install bases, so IMO at this point a small lead of 4-6M consoles is irrelevant.

Both consoles will continue to pump out good games for years to come.

And I will say it again, Aaron Greenberg you are a douche bag of douche bags.

ABizzel13662d ago

And yet the PS3 still outsold the 360 by over 100k unites Worldwide. Aaron why result to one terorrity when there are 3 you should be looking at.

Moving on from MS ignorance, I though Mass Effect did more than that, but still good numbers for US only.

presto7173662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Doesn't the ps3 outsell the 360 by that much every week in Japan? Even with mass effect 2 (which is full of all types of awesomeness), I dont think 50k is that impressive.

SnuggleBandit3662d ago

Would ya look at that, Greenberg crawled out from under his rock when the 360 outsold the ps3 in one surprising! This kind of crap is why he's so effing annoying!

Shadow Flare3662d ago

Yeah, I do find it funny that he touts a 50k sales difference on ps3, when that difference is wiped out with just 2 weeks of japanese ps3 sales

+ the next 2 weeks of japanese ps3 sales and europe's monthly sales = ps3 outselling 360 worldwide yet again

crck3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I think the sale results have more to do with just about every retailer selling 360's under retail or throwing in $25 and $50 gift certs with every purchase then it does with Mass Effect 2. But hey if MS can afford it good for them I guess.

FlipMode3662d ago

These consoles are so even its not even funny.

zane_78493662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Not sure if anyone else's area is like mine but in the store I work at we have been virtually sold out of PS3's and to a lesser extent Wii's since early January. I think they exhausted their supply around Christmas, not entirely sure they were expecting that big of boost in demand.

That stacked with Mass Effect 2's Release, and people replacing dead units explains the numbers a bit to me. But I'm an Xbox pessimist more than an optimist...the two dead ones I've gone through have not really put me in their cheer squad.

RememberThe3573662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I'm trying to understand your concept of "beating the 360" but it just it's making sense. The PS3 is consistently outselling the 360 worldwide, but since the 360 beats the PS3 in the US the PS3 is all of a sudden not outselling the 360 anymore? So now we all just forget about he rest of the world and look solely at the US? Because Sony and MS only make money in the US and everywhere else they just do it for charity, right? I'm sorry but your logic does not work, maybe next time...

@zane_7849: That's a good point. I just finished Mass Effect 2 and the entire time I was playing I kept getting disk read errors. Luckily BioWare put a TON of auto-saves in the game so it didn't hurt my progress too bad. But now with Metro 2033, Conviction, and others coming out I'm not sure how long this thing will last. I might just upgrade to a new 360 with HDMI because Component looks like crap.

Graphics3662d ago

Im 1 of the 333k 360 that were sold, I finally bought one so I can save money and just DL all multiplat games since developers obviously don't care about ps3 owners. Also sales could of increased because of the new firmware out for 360 that makes you undetectable if ur drive is hacked, so i bet all those people who had a banned 360 when and bought a new one cause of the new firmware that was released mid Jan.

gaffyh3662d ago

As I said a few weeks ago, Mass Effect 2 did shift a few more units, but it's not the huge system seller that everyone seemed to think it would be. Great sales for ME2 though, glad that more people bought it than the last one.

s8anicslayer3662d ago

Why are you glad to see that? Microsoft slipping you money under the table?

starchild3662d ago

A couple of things. First of all, the fanboys that claimed Mass Effect 2 wouldn't help move any 360s were clearly wrong.

Second, North America is the largest market, so if the PS3 can't outsell the 360 even this recently after the slim and price drop it really says something. The 360 also sells more in the UK, which is one of the other largest markets. Even with the PS3's greater sales in Japan and some European countries it is going to have to outsell the 360 by an even more massive amount in those regions if it is going to have any hope of catching up.

Finally, of course Greenberg is going to tout these numbers. It's his job.


Yea my fellow brothers are right, ME2 is a system seller!

Natal will be a system seller!

Halo Reach is going to be a system record breaker seller!

R.I.P ps3.

If lucky, Heavy Buttons, will button you guys back up!

Saaking3662d ago

Yet in WW sales the PS3 continues to outsell the 360. We all know NA is the 360's homeland and it's gonna be real tough for the PS3 to beat it.

Dread3662d ago

can anyone of u sony fans provide a single reliable link that shows that world wide sales for playstation3 are larger than 360.

please. because u sure act like it is a fact.

evilmonkey5013662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Go figure.Sales for this game are so high because ,really, there's nothing else out there for the xbox/pc exclusives.Im sure the next article I read tomorrow will say: "Mass effect 2 conspiracy; melting your xboxes and starting house fires". btw: its a great game. I'm currently playing it on my pc, but I'm positive that this game will see the ps3 anyhow, considering they've already discovered ps3 code in the pc and xbox versions...there goes 1 of 3 exclusives the box gets this year...btw why did Microsoft can all their in house first party developers? Don't they realize exclusives sell systems and NOT TIMED EXCLUSIVE CONTENT? IF A DEVELOPER "BURNS" ME WITH THAT, GUESS WHAT...? I DONT BUY IT.EVER.

@ ABOVE:WHO CARES. We all know where the games are at and its not the wii or xbox.Go buy a ps3 already.Its ok to own both.

Dev8 ing3662d ago

Mass Effect 2 didn't move consoles the the Elite had a $50 price cut:

vhero3662d ago

Greenburg and MS obviously thinks the US is the only place in the world and that's why MS will fail as its not. 50k is nothing really in the place where 360 had Mass Effect 2 out that month and Sony had no AAA title out. I would have expected MUCH more than 50k over PS3. Especially since Mass Effect 2 sold so much..

SL1M DADDY3662d ago

Do you read your posts before you post them? It sounds like North America is the last great hope for the 360. It would be better they start trying harder outside the US borders. Last I checked, the 360 was being outsold in Japan 10 to 1 and in other regions the 360 is hitting a huge lull in sales. If you focus on the good, you will miss out on fixing the issues elsewhere. The lull in sales is that elephant in the room you continue to ignore...

s8anicslayer3661d ago

A person who's sporting an avatar of a game that is in terms of consoles exclusive to the 360 calling other people "fanboys" like "The pot calling the kettle black"? I mean really come on now.

cmrbe3661d ago

What about last months?. Lol.

And in 2 weeks in Japan the PS3 covers this gap and more LMAO.

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life doomer3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I still don't believe what he says after he lied in e3.

edit: @below

He said that the xbox 360 outsold ps3 by 1 million units even though ps3 actually sold 11 million units and xbox 360 sold 9 million units.

Raf1k13662d ago

Did I miss something from E3?

What did he say?

sak5003662d ago

He said 4D and 120FPS...oops sorry wrong guy. Guess we should rather trust Sony.

PirateThom3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

4D? Like this?
120fps? Like this?

Oh look, Krazy Ken 1, Haters 0.

Edit: Don't disagree with facts, you idiots. Ken Kutagari is greater than you and you all just get owned every single time.

Megaton3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Wasn't E3, was another event last year, one in Europe. They announced 9 million units sold during their conference, then Sony announced 10 million during theirs, then Microsoft responded by claiming they were one million ahead of Sony. Buffed it by 2 mil in a matter of minutes.

At the end of the day, this sales nonsense has absolutely no impact on your lives at all, unless you hold stock in their companies.

Shaman3662d ago

Tom sorry for this type of question,i couldnt help but asking,are you retarded???
4d is non existing,Sony said its time,so in ps3 games you will be able to see changes through time,e3 2005,good memories :)
So what stradust is 120 fps??Really??They could make tetris with 2 outputs that Ken promised and 500 fps,but he specifically said that games will run on dual output 1080p with 120fps,5 yrs ago media hyped it so much i thought 360 being so inferior will end up like dreamcast.Their only goal was to overhype console and to bash competition so they can fool brainwashed people like you to give 800$(in europe)and wait year longer for "messiah" of consoles to come,nothing less nothing more...

And please dont tell me you are not fanboy because defending Ken against accusations of overhyping and underdelivering is like defending Bush and its politics...

PirateThom3662d ago

And in many games you can see effets of time, they never said on the PS3 could do something like this.

He said "capable of 120fps", thus if one single game supports it, he hasn't lied.

Absolutely nothing said about the PS3s capabilities were lies, liberal truths, yes, but nothing false.

Again, Ken 1, Haters 0.

Shaman3662d ago

No please,effect of time you could see 3 gens ago,they specifically showed flowers growing in real time,tech demo.I dont know why are you defending Ken and Sony,ps3 is great system but all Sonys systems were overhyped,remember Emotion Engine?Now again with 120 fps...dual 1080p output it was said but you said its not false that suggests you think its possible.3 times more powerful then 360 was that lie? http://www.videogamesblogge...

Ken is godfather of lying and overhyping,such a shame some people are so brainwashed to lie to themselves...

RememberThe3573662d ago

LOL all you just did was fail to prove Thom wrong and succeeded in proving that you think Sony are liars.

Every company over hypes their console. Matter of fact almost everything in this industry is over hyped. Why get down on only Sony for it?

3662d ago
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Dark3603662d ago

Aaron Greenberg look out here comes the ANGRY DROIDS...

Again Xbox 360 The Real Winner And The Ps3 The Real Loser...

...Sorry DROIDS Better Luck Next Time...LOL

sonic speed3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )



PS3: 206,467 (+4%)

XBOT360:167,716 (+9%)


Murderdolls:Lol Sonic owned himself.

FROM Murderdolls Bio:

I'm 19, no my avatar is not me I'm a dude.

-Favorite Developer = Rare
-Favorite Genre = FPS

-My 360 is used for all 360 exclusive/multiplatform titles

-My PS3 is used for PS3 exclusive titles and blu-ray

Looking forward to -

Playstation 3:

Twisted Metal - TBA
MAG - 1/26
White Knight Chronicles - 2/4
Heavy Rain - 2/23
God of War 3 - 3/31

maniacmayhem3662d ago

@ sonic speed

Why would you post a link showing Mass Effect at #1 and MAG at #3?

-MD-3662d ago

Lol Sonic owned himself.

Trebius3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Now you have to wait til the end of April to see another title, then after that til the end of November...

While the PS3 continues to get new exclusives month after month :)

360 has no games, face it.

Reach isnt even a system seller...everyone that likes Halo already has a

Sales will drop severely in the month of Feb all the way til April, and I doubt Alan Wake is a system seller, it doesnt look that interesting at all ... undoubtedly it'll be good, but system seller good? Nah...

I admit though ME2 is one of the best games i've played this Gen, next to MGS4 and UC2. So i'm not surprised it gave the 360 a little boost in sales.

sak5003662d ago

Bu bu but teh heavy rain, mag, wkc, ps3 sleeeeeeeeeeem, price drop???? Now for droids it's just 50k. From what we saw on n4g last year ps3 will end 360 in 2009. Now beging 2010 360 again has higher sales... Jeezus you droids are pathetic. Now go back to excuses 101 for idiots by sony handbook and look at chapter mentioning GOW3 and GT5 hype anthems.

polow got sol3662d ago

lol @sonic speed owning himself. Anyway good job for ME2 and MS they both make a great combo

-MD-3662d ago

Why did dude post my bio?

Major_Tom3662d ago

You do have a pretty gay bio, posted for giggles?

-MD-3662d ago

Says the guy without a bio.


The ps3 is more than death in 2010!

It only outsold the 360 for a few months in 09 because of the price cut and slim, but the hype went down on that already.

Heavy Buttons is the definitve FLOP of the YEAR!
and GT5 and GOW3 are the ULTRA FLOPS of the decade!

Heck this is a world record for most FLOPS ever!

arsenal553662d ago

360 outsells ps3 in US but what about worldwide.. you know? the number that really counts?

oh ps3 won that one.

maniacmayhem3662d ago

So the PS3 system sold more but 360 software sold more than the Ps3 system...

Does this mean people who buy a PS3 are not buying any games for it?

Maybe everyone in the world already has a 360 which is why they have the huge software sales.

Maybe everyone is buying the PS3 for the blu-ray movies??

Foliage3662d ago

Actually it means there is a larger quantity of quality titles on the PS3 than the 360, as such the sales are distributed across more games.

As for the 360, they are spread between Halo... and that's about it. Also, multi-platform titles like Gears and Mass Effect had some sales.. 3 franchises.. 1 exclusive franchise.... pathetic.

maniacmayhem3662d ago

So what you're saying is because the PS3 has a larger amount of "quantity of quality titles" And that the sales are equally distributed between all of them that is why the PS3 has lower software sales?

Could you please pass me the cali green bud that you're apparently puffing on at the moment.

Karooo3662d ago

360 doesnt even have games to flop 2009 they had nothing. all they have this year is multiplatform ME2.

alan wake the first exclusive is coming in may.

till then.

last rebellion
Mlb 10 the show
Heavy rain
Yakuza 3
GOW3 till march.

ALL exclusives.

so many ps3 exclsives before may when 360 gets their first exclsive that too after fcking over pc owners for alan wake.

arsenal553662d ago

alan wake isnt exclusive.. ms just paid for a timed exclusive.. youll see.. couple months after its out on 360 theyll announce it for pc. all the 360 exclusives get announced for something after a certain period of time

TehSalez3662d ago

They call that great? besides, those are NA numbers. PS3 outsold the PoS in worldwide sales.

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GiantEnemyCrab3662d ago

I was thinking the same thing.. Looks like ME2 moved some systems.

Stryfeno23662d ago

And MAG FLOP moved PS3 droids to go and buy a Xbox 360...Their Jumping in.