Halo Reach beta to be largest ever on console – X10 fact sheet

Bungie and Microsoft sent over a fact sheet for Halo Reach, and we thought you might be interested in it.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

im not interested in halo never was.. i have 2 360s by the way.. no ps3.. im looking forward to SC

-Alpha3668d ago

Give me one then! :P

Halo really did make the Xbox what it is. Reach is going to be so big.

xenogamer3668d ago

and ive played in my opinion, the greatest rpgs ever created by man, which would be xenogears,bfo3,chronotriger,ff 6/7, and i love the halo series, i think when you really bite your teeth into the fiction and the lore, with all the books, games, comic books, everything, its one of the most interesting, well thought out, deep, stories ever told, i cant wait to play halo reach, but more importantly i cant wait to see what happened the the Chief.

ASSASSYN 36o3668d ago

Thank you for sharing.


GreenRingOfLife3668d ago

Wow Halo Reach not even out yet and its already breaking records

GOTY confirmed

JhawkFootball063668d ago

I remember the Halo 3 beta... oh good days

Cant wait for this one

SixZeroFour3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

i thought it was /s oh well, rarely use that anyways

why is it that so many ppl go on to an article that they "are not even interested in" yet click on it AND comment that they have no interest in it AS IF anyone really cared?

im not commenting on it because i care, im commenting on it because its pointless, immature, and pretty annoying

edit: whoops forgot to actually comment on the article, i cant wait for this...i think im going to play its coop campaign first, to get in touch with teh weapons and controls before looking like a fool on multiplayer, lol

Saaking3668d ago

So all you need is the Halo 3 ODST disk? Honest question: if I buy a cheap used copy of ODST, will I be able to participate in the Beta or do I need a code?

Vespertine3668d ago

Saaking, all you will need is the ODST game disc.

SixZeroFour3668d ago, used, borrowed or stolen, all you need is the odst disk itself and you should be able to play when the beta is releases

Major_Tom3668d ago

Good ways to boost sales for a mediocre expansion.

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Dom63903668d ago

I think they just mean by the amount of players allowed into the beta rather than what it will offer those players. Just the way they phrase it on that fact sheet seems more of the amount of players. It kinda makes sense as anyone you got ODST will get in so that's probs like 5 mil or more people

SixZeroFour3668d ago

i think it may be both...if every odst owner is in the beta, then that means at least a million players

but on top of that, i remember bungie saying that the beta also has a single and coop demo campaign with i think 3 lvls (3 lvls is speculation because edge, i think it was, was talking about the 3 different lvls they got to try out when they did their spread awhile back)

i think, personally at least, that they were talking about the beta being "largest" in both aspects

Blaze9293668d ago

Vidoc should be posted on around 3AM EST

xenogamer3668d ago

hope urks on his game, he makes us wait sometimes, and those extra minutes are hell lol

Carl14123668d ago

Isn't how big the beta is determined by how many people take part?

So how do they know how many people are going to take part before it's started?

jackdoe3668d ago

Look at the sales of ODST. Anyone who owns ODST is in, hence "largest ever".

Carl14123668d ago

I wasn't aware it was included in ODST.

SixZeroFour3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

many ppl bought it just for the, some use it to justify the price of odst as well

btw, you NEED odst disk to participate in it...only way known as of now, no talks of a public beta yet

Time_Is_On_My_Side3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

That makes no sense, the M.A.G. beta was opened to everyone who had an internet connection; not who bought a specific game? An opened beta is an opened beta, but I'm sure they'll make it seem big when in reality it's just a beta. If people who bought the game can only enter then it's a closed beta, how big can a closed beta be? If it's about the amount they won't have the whole game free to every, so I'm stuck in my original position.

To me the logic of it being the biggest doesn't make any sense to me?

PlayStation Home is in opened beta, available to everyone with an internet connection, how is that different to Halo Reach?

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Dtoxz3668d ago

Thats because Halo is M$ biggest exclusive....I can imagine it would be.

JussBlazn3668d ago

plus the bots have nothing else to play.

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