Playstation Network To Rival XBox Live Due to RakNet Support

Playstation network to rival Microsoft's Xbox live after support from RakNet. The most widely used Gaming Network Stander, RakNet, just announced its support for the Playstation Network.

Available immediately to registered developers, RakNet adds support for the PlayStation® Network family of services, including online matchmaking, audio video chat, and title user storage.

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-Alpha3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Don't we have audio video chat? And what is title user storage?

Anyway, I am excited to see what Sony does with PSN, especially with what they offer with the Premium service.

Also, PSN really does a lot of amazing features, but they are never universalized which really ticks me off. By far the best feature is uploading gameplay to Youtube. The Only game I own that has that support is Echochrome. How kick ass would it be to record a game of Killzone 2 and have the memory saved forever?

I know they leave it up to the devs, but they also did that with trophies before making them mandatory. Hopefully they can add some incentive to make things like video uploading more prominent in major games.

GreenRingOfLife3664d ago

I Love Xbox Live and its so great to see that the psn is finally catching up, even if it is still far behind. This just makes my ps3 even better!

-Alpha3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Yeah, it's--- oh wait a minute, I see what you did there. Trying to open up a can of whoop-a** aren't you?

*Hands GreenRing flame shield*

Good luck!

In all seriousness, this is bound to degenerate into XBL vs. PSN anyway, especially with the article title like that.

Anyways, I'm not sure if RakNet is going to do anything major, but I am waiting calmly for PSN Premium, which will be the real competition to LIVE in terms of features.

It's arguable which one is the better value considering value takes into consideration "free vs. fee", but in terms of services XBL is much better in what it offers. I'm Canadian, I don't even have the damn video store which is a real shame. But I'm aware that the 360 has demos for nearly all its games (PSN is spotty), Games on Demand, better Facebook integration, social interactivity is much better too, which really is the most important thing for me. I strongly don't think any of those features leaves PSN "Far behind", but it does make LIVE stand out as a polished, integrated service.

The big issue is definitely the price, and as long as LIVE is going to cost users $50/year the "better value" will always be controversial.

*However*, I firmly believe Sony will utilize PSN Premium to match XBL, so we will simply have to wait and see. For now, I'll throw you the bone and agree that LIVE is the better "service".

In the end us console gamers always fight for second place. Steam easily trumps both LIVE and PSN on PC. It is free like PSN AND has very rich features like XBL.

divideby03664d ago

"catching up to live" charging for non essential features like group voice chat or doing netflix without a disk...yea..thats far behind...amazing someone in this day and age would say there is that much of a diff between the 2 services, BUT overlook the largest one....Free online gameplay...go play with your service, while I play games for free on PSN and btw, I am a charter Gold Live member

kevoncox3664d ago

DEMOS. PSN needs more demos. It just seems that Xbox live has a steady on time stream of demos and content.

Blaze9293664d ago

If Title User Storage is aka for backing up all my saves over a network then I would LOVE that.

GVON3664d ago

Yeah it sounds like uploading saves.

IdleLeeSiuLung3664d ago

Also, what the heck is racknet? It sounds like some kind of network API. I'm not sure how that is going to rival Xbox Live.

Remember Xbox Live isn't based on the features, but the community aspect. Most of the features are intended to create and maintain a community, not just a bunch of features. I won't go as far to say Xbox Live is better than PSN, because I don't use PSN enough to say it is or not. What I will say is Xbox Live is about the community not a bunch of features.

It is like the iPhone, it's not the features of the iPhone necessarily, but the apps that make the iPhone valuable. Every feature that is on the iPhone is likely available on some other phone. Does it replace the iPhone?

LtSkittles3664d ago

Maybe it means audio chat through multiplayer, you know like how we can go into a text chat during a game, unless I am missing something.

darthv723664d ago

Maybe demos will be more available in the premium PSN. If I recall, sony charges to host things as simple as demos which is why some companies dont offer them. They dont want to pay either.

I am betting I would have much more PSN games if demos were available. A good 70% of my live arcade purchases stem from a demo. PSN...I'd love to spend more on you but give me something to work with.

ABizzel13664d ago

PSN doesn't need the features Live has, it needs, different features to set it apart. If I want to get on Live I'll get on my Xbox. The Premium service plans for PSN had great content, but they need to make a service with all of the features.

raztad3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )


X-fans are so proud of Live, but I wonder why. Just because they can Cross Game Chat? Come on, it's on PSN where the bigger, massive and more tactical oriented games are played. It's the PSN who has almost lag free connection and dedicated server side support. The PSN allows for developer freedom and limitless possibilities, as shown by this amazing little game called MAG.

I dont know what Raknet means but I'm sure as hell the PSN blows Live out the water in terms of what matter most: Online play. Keep chatting x-boys.

"bubu bu the 4x4 is teh tightez"

thereapersson3664d ago

Is that they aren't unified. It's up to developers to implement them as they see fit. That's one thing that the 360 will always have over the PS3: Unification of service across ALL games.

Though to be fair towards Sony, it's not really their fault. If Microsoft hadn't of patented half this stuff, we'd be seeing it a lot more commonly this generation across ALL platforms.

Godmars2903664d ago

Except neither PSN nor XBL's main strengths aren't on the PC. iIn fact when/as they enter that area they're going to quickly outpace its position in the mainstream market with all of the music and video streaming options.

Blaze9293664d ago

How about you stop "wondering" and pick up/borrow a damn 360 for about a month with LIVE Gold to see what is so great about it and stop talking if ignorance to something you never even tried. Then, only then, you can stop "wondering".

sikbeta3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )


Stop Pal, you don't have a PS3, I mean you can lie to yourself on the interwebz but in the Real world doesn't work like that


Is Really necessary to "RIVAL" xbox live? I mean I don't want this on my PSN Community:

pocketaces113664d ago

This is really a standard if I'm not mistaken or sourse code that companies can purchase the use of in stead of making up their own and because it's already proven stable it should cause less chance of problems so yes we have them but this is a way for developers to cut costs and focus more on the actuall game.

I'm no news article writer but to me that could have been made more clear in the article rather then trying to start a flame war with a stupid title.

Claudinho693664d ago

name 5 demos xbox live have that ps3 dont have, not exclusive games

SL1M DADDY3664d ago

And they do it all for free. No other console service can boast of this kind of online gaming network and call it free. Makes me feel like I get my full money's worth every time I pay 60 bucks for a game. No paying for online on top of paying for the full retail game.


''GreenRingOfLife '' Why do you answer your self with Alpha Male? Stop using different accounts.

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unrealgamer583664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

yeah they're finally catching up, Just like the 360 is finally catching up to the ps3 in quality games like mass effect 2 and ................. well mass effect 2. lol

on topic wtf is raaknet sounds meh to me.

edit: nice pic alpha male, I'd like to join in.

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PSN caught up to live a little over year ago..its just a different experience...and not as user friendly...but from what im reading here changes are on the way.

Dev8 ing3664d ago

It is live that needs to catch up to psn and steam. 2 words dedicated servers. Cross game chat and invites are needless features. Everyone has a phone. I don't need to talk to someone that isn't playing the same game as me and if I do I just say their name and my phone dials them all while I am still playing. Keep those perks I'll take the dedicated servers and not worry about getting in a game with someone whose is still using a light cable/dsl service.

neil903664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

It will be completely useless

Dance3664d ago

PSN still lacks alot of useful online features

BlackTar1873664d ago

the game inv, thing is dumb to me.

so to me the only difference is party chat and thats about it.

divideby03664d ago

well please list this useful online features...

oh without a disk

and I am a Charter Gold Live member, who knows both systems..

Skeeter3664d ago

besides x chat what. from what I see its 360 lacking ps3 features like dedicated servers, internet browser,more user friendly main menu.

-MD-3664d ago

"Playstation Network To Rival XBox Live"

Yes I'm sure.

Skeeter3664d ago

lol 256 downright clears it up. 256 cannot be done on 360 end of story.

-MD-3664d ago

Final Fantasy 11 says hello?

Claudinho693664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

u proud of yr "nex gen" console runnin a ps2 "mmo" game with 50 people in 1 zone?

-MD-3664d ago

Just sayin, dude says 360 can't handle 256 players and FFXI clearly does.

TrueStoryGuy3663d ago

Final Fantasy XI also lags out whenever there's more then two dozen people in the same area. The drawdistance is also noticeably short in all versions of FFXI. It doesn't stop there, you'll also see people instantly pop into your field of view in a crowded area, and some people just flat-out disappear. M.A.G doesn't suffer from any of that, which makes it revolutionary.


Tagged as a Fanboy.

There's a lot of them =/.

Redlogic3663d ago

Live and PSN. When I used to play gears 1 and 2 till death, there was always the threat of host advantage. I'm not sure if it still exists within most 360 games or not ( I don't really play online much anymore) but I just recently got MAG and it runs so smooth. Its hard to believe that there are 64-256 players on it at one time. It really is an achievement any developer should be very proud of. Is MAG the greatest game out there? No, not in my mind, but it's a blast to play with friends. I'd love to see the 360 try the same thing and succeed without any host advantage or lag as that would open up possibilities for 360 gamers/developers.

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