New Resistance Screenshots

Insomniac has released eight new images from Resistance: Fall of Man. The title is being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and should be a launch title for the console. The game follows an interesting alternate-history storyline where a hostile alien species has overrun Great Britain in 1951, which results in a unique blurring of the visual aesthetics of two popular FPS genres (sci-fi and WWII-era).

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Siesser5410d ago (Edited 5410d ago )

*posted in the wrong part :)

achira5411d ago

game looks good. cant wait to play it !

DC RID3R5411d ago

this game is turning into a steaming pile of poo!!!!for $600 bucks this looks fu*kin sh*t!!!

ACE5411d ago (Edited 5411d ago )

what happand to the amazing graphics?

these pics are rubish , call of duty 2 has better graphics then that ...

oh yes the game was running on a over powerd dev kit lol .. with 2gb of ram

lol this is funny,,, i feel sorry for the sony droids

as for 4d lol you joking or taking the pi$$ lol!!!!!!!!!

specialguest5411d ago

you guys are silly. this is only 1st line up of PS3 games. remember the 360 had crappy looking games during its 1st line up too: Madden '06, Tony hawk, Farcry, and that one Predator game where he's in the city...just to name a few.

USMChardcharger5411d ago

dude...predator was an xbox orginal

DC RID3R5411d ago

y the fu*k would i want to frag aliens in wwII!?!?!?! leave that shizzle for sci-fi fps's dic*heads!!!!!!!

ACE5411d ago

yeah or the brain washed fony droids lol!!! ,,,#

they seem to like this $hit

zypher5411d ago

otherwise you wouldn't be here reading about it. in any regard the game looks like a solid LAUNCH title.

ACE5411d ago

i only come on here to have a laugh lol

at the poor showing of the ps3 ......

are these new pics or old cos they have down graded the graphics by the looks of it ?

zypher5411d ago

so, you would rather come here and laugh at Sony than go to a 360 article--which, btw, could use some attention, since they're always so barren of feedback activity--and read up on 360 news? sounds kinda lame.

ACE5411d ago


listen mate i just find it funny what the sony fan boys have to say ....

i have read like 2 years worth of $hit on ps3 and 360 , the good the bad and the ugly and fact is the 360 is better...

i just liked this comment made by some one here have a read..

I just think its funny all the anti-xbox people laughed and laughed and laughed when the 360 had hardware problems, not realizing that Sony was not immune to such things. Simple fact is putting this so so power in a small plastic box is not easy no matter who you are. If the PS3 launches without even so much as a hint of the problems the 360 had... well, that just won't happen. But trying to tell the fanboys that the PS3 might not be all that and a bag of chips is impossible because for some reason Sony breeds rabid fans who believe sony (constant PR liars) always tells the absolute truth. Yeah, and the original Playstation was supposed to have "Toy Story quality graphics" my pixelated butt.

this bloke is spot on mate!!!


zypher5411d ago

as far as i'm concerned, both XBox and PS2 fanboy camps spread half-truths; XBox fanatics are just a wee-bit more mature about it. case in point: PS2 having Toy Story graphics may been reaching for the clouds, but the fact of the matter is there were some gorgeous games on the system under their own right...and yes, some even came close to early cg renderings such as in-game cut-scenes at the time. i just find it disheartening that gaming has to come to this: bickering between camps; there shouldn't even be separate camps amongst gamers.

as far as Prey and LotR Battle for Middle Earth: i had Prey and didn't like it much, and i prefer playing strategy games on my PC. but i will say this, as soon as i get off work i'll be neck deep in either Oblivion or GRAW. speaking of Oblivion, i have a question (to anyone who may be playing the game): is there a secret route or quicker way to taking Martin back to Weyron Priory other than you riding on horseback and him following on foot? it's taking forever.

360theAssasinsCreed5411d ago

when you have martin use the fast travel feature to bring him and you to weyon priory, yeah walking or horseback takes forever. Hope that helps. Have fun i have already put in over 200 hours into the game and am only half way done with it. Although probably over 100 hours was spent leveling up to level 45.

zypher5411d ago

thanx 360theAssassinsCreed

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these look like low-end pc graphics... umm. where is 'the power of the cell'?

USMChardcharger5411d ago

not to mention the jagged lines.