White DualShock 3 to Brighten North America

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Sony's DualShock series controllers have been a key to the PlayStation platform's success over the last dozen years. While the DualShock 3 was introduced late in this generation due to "design difficulties", the introduction of motion has given games like Heavy Rain an edge over the competition."

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NateNater3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Hasn't the white DS3 been available here in NA for a really long time already? I thought I saw some when I went to Walmart a few weeks ago.

@ Cenobia. Yeah you're right. It was silver now that I think about it.

Cenobia3669d ago

That was silver. The white has been import only.

T3mpr1x3669d ago

I've had my White DS3 since they were first available in Japan. My ex-gf imported for me from Play-Asia for a birthday present. I've used it so much the serial number on the back is worn a bit haha. I need to buy another DS3 since I have two other SixAxis controllers...

user94220773669d ago

I just got my 2 Black dualshock's in the post today, would like one of these for sure

doctorstrange3669d ago

A white one would be pretty sweet

Trexman893669d ago

now we got black, white, red, and blue....still waiting for lime green and hot pink!


I prefer the Black or Silver color.

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