Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing: Preview

Start your engines racing fans, Sega's very own karting game featuring popular Sega icons, is set to hit stores late this February. But will it live up to the ever popular and long running Mario Kart series or is this just another kart spin-off?

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blue7xx73669d ago

I love the game it's a good Kart racer been playing the demo non stop so much fun and will definitely get it once it comes out later this month.

Samus HD3668d ago

it is a copy of mario cart :A

sega can't do nothing except steeling (copying) nintendo's ideass :A:A

deno3668d ago

Put a sock in it pal. Day one purchase for me, I love the demo.

Samus HD3666d ago

love it ,, but it is a copy , mario is the best ,,. sega is trying to co-op with nintendo :A