Bone-Idle: Mass Effect 2 Review

Bone-idle writes "Mass Effect 1 brought cinematic RPG's to a new level if your not familiar with the title it is a space based role playing game mixing story telling and combat together to create an epic tale. Some of the features Bioware introduced to make it stand out from your usual RPG included a conversation wheel that gave you the ability to select a style of response rather than just having the read through lots of responses then selecting one, meaning that conversations flowed and allow you to get lost in the story quite easily. It mixed action with player driven cinematic cut scenes the different choices you made impacted on the story line meaning many play trough's can yield many different endings. While Mass effect 1 was one of the best games of the last decade it did have its flaws the combat system wasn't the best, side quest that seemed to be just stuck on as filler, empty planets, long elevator rides and loading screens, but the story held it all together people got so attached to the game and characters that they
overlooked some of its flaws.

The good news all the flaws from Mass Effect 1 have been eradicated in this second outing in the trilogy. This is a stunning looking game with an incredible story line full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing. So much so that the moment I finished it I immediately started again just to find out what would happen if I made those different choices as with the first the choices you make have a big impact on everything in the game."

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DanCrabtree3662d ago

Enough Mass Effect 2 reviews already. ITS A GREAT GAME - THE END.

shocky163662d ago

This game is a MASTERPIECE my friend, and nothing comes close to it then gen.