God of War III GameStop Exclusive Pre-order

Playstation Insider:

"Be the envy of the gods and all your friends. GameStop announced today an additional pre-order offer for the highly anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive, God of War III. "

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Blaze9293660d ago

I really hate when games mix up pre-order offers with different retail chains. Hmm..I could save a few bucks through amazon or pre-order at GameStop..


awww its just a poster. Pfft

ProA0073660d ago

This premium is in addition to the previously announced exclusive Phantom of Chaos character skin though...if you care about that stuff.

tokoshix3660d ago

Well at least it's an object with some meaning, instead of just a card with a code to unlock something.

Cerberus21253659d ago

I'm a Prime member,Amazon FTW.

xskipperx823659d ago

the pre order costume is just something you can unlock by playing thru the game in the first place :/

40cal3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Great piece of artwork. Picked mine up on my lunch today. Sony also sent Kratos masks for the employees to wear, I was like damn, I had to pay for mine.

Anyone else get the Blades of Chaos replicas? I cant take my eyes off of these god killers.

Edit: a link to the poster.

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HungPHAT3659d ago

GameStop blows ! Amazon all the way , better deals , $10.00 kick backs on future game buys and they have exclusive in game items also ! GameStop deals on New games "ZERO" in the last year I've bought all games through Amazon and with the extra money and time I save , I've got 4-6 new games pretty much for free !

Roper3163659d ago

I totally agree with you, I got Bioshock2 for $32.99 off Amazon, $52.99 preorder price and $20.00 in credits from previous preorders. So just off of 1 game I already have saved like $30 to use towards another game.

Somnipotent3659d ago

and with Bioshock 2 you'll get $10 towards another game... i'm paying 20 bucks for the ultimate edition GOWIII with free shipping on release day... amazon prime FTW!!!

HungPHAT3659d ago

No doubt man ! I spend atleast a grand a year in Games , Gamestop days are done in my book forever . There loss my "HUGE" gain in the end , and zero hassle from amazon rather than some pimple face punk rude fake kid trying to sell me guides , preorders and so on

V0LT3659d ago

I'm tired of seeing this "GameStop Exclusive" junk. Whatever happened to the days of making your game and just selling it. GameStop is POS and always will be. Home of the its opened and the disc is in a drawer but new game sales!

BeaArthur3659d ago

What are you talking about? If you buy it new the game is in a case that is wrapped in plastic. So you don't like getting free stuff just for buying something you were going to buy anyways?

LeonSKennedy4Life3659d ago


You won't buy a new car because the dealer turned it on and moved it to another location on the lot?


ThatArtGuy3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

You won't buy a new gallon of milk because the stockperson opened the cap, broke the seal, and put the cap back on?

He didn't drink it, IT'S STILL NEW! (Who knows what they did to it while the cap was off.)

40cal3659d ago

Bad example. Milk is a perishable good, Blu-Ray discs are not.

The car to disc analogy is spot on though. Oh, and tons of new cars are used as demos before being sold as new.

If you dont like that the game you are about to buy has been sitting in a drawer so that the box could be used for display, you know so you can shop for the game, then don't buy that copy. Simple.

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BeaArthur3659d ago

I could not care less about a poster. In game items or extra maps are cool, but honestly, a poster?

xskipperx823659d ago

its not a poster! that was just the ORIGINAL item. Now they are offering a costume which u can unlock by playing thru the game normally

HungPHAT3659d ago

I know that krap happened to about a year ago ! The manager took home COD WAW played it for 3 day
brought it back , re shrink wrapped it and try to sell it to me as NEW !!!! I was so pissed at him , he told me it's ok with Corp as long it's perfect and returned in less than 3 days ! That was the last time I bought from GameRipOffStop and I spent a grand a year at that store middle finger GS I hope they go out of business

BeaArthur3659d ago

HungPHAT...dude, I'm not going to call you a liar but that isn't even believable. You want me to believe that your local Gamestop had the resources to re-wrap something so that it appeared in mint condition as if it was brand new? And even if all that happened as you say it did, that actually made you stop using the company as a whole? You didn't think that it might be a better idea to maybe just try another Gamestop. Every place you have ever been I can pretty much guarantee that a shady person that would try to rip you off has worked there. Just because you run into one douche bag shouldn't negate your shopping there.

Cenobia3659d ago

He should drive who knows how far out of his way to buy from GameStop exclusively? That makes no sense.

Most places don't have 2 GameStops within walking distance of each other...(although I did see that once). If the store ripped him off than f&@* that store. I mean they rip off people and game developers with used games, so I don't really see a reason to buy from them at all. I might stop by if I'm in a mall, but I usually just do Amazon (I'm pretty far away from any type of game store anyway).

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