Analysis of Activision - Blizzard's Quarterly Report's Senior Analyst, Jacob Mazel, delves deep into Activision - Blizzard's Quarterly Report and emerges with plenty of easter eggs. Aside from a strong profit showing in Quarter 3 of Fiscal Year 2009, the mega-publisher also gives us a glimpse at how they think the hardware market will look in 2010, and which hardware they make the most revenue on.

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naznatips3659d ago

Lots of money. No surprise there.

TheGameLlama3659d ago

Can't wait until ActiZard develops its own console. It'd be pretty and only play WoW/Guitar Hero games.

Braineater24483659d ago

Love this analysis. Blizz has mounds of cash. Bring on your next MMO!

bmw693659d ago

I think their hardware projections for 2010 are a little crazy!

FrankWest3659d ago

This year they have Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3...that ensures a better year than the last

Braineater24483659d ago

I dont doubt those games will sell well. But they also have another MMO in the works. Think of the possibilities!

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