Players report Bioshock 2 freezing in multiplayer

Players from around the internet are reporting that Bioshock 2 is freezing on them when trying to play multiplayer sessions of the game. They are reporting it as a constantly reocurring issue that has led some owners of the Xbox 360 version of the game to stop playing out of fear of it crashing the console.

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Blaze9293669d ago

Sloppy 2K Marin, just sloppy.

Rockox3668d ago


SlamVanderhuge3669d ago

That's troubling, though not surprising

tmurder3668d ago

I've already had mine freeze twice on me, though not in multiplayer. It locked up both times when I was in the Gatherer's Garden of all places.

italianbreadman3668d ago

That sucks, but I think a game CAUSING a RRoD is a ridiculous notion. That part has to be coincidence. I mean, just OWNING a 360 gives you about a 33% chance of hardware failure. (Mine gave up on me about 3 years after purchase.)

DanCrabtree3668d ago

Yea man, that happened to me the first time I played it, which was consequently like 3 hours after the midnight release. However, I will say that I really enjoyed the multiplayer up until it froze, unlike a lot of people who have written about the multiplayer as a lame "add-on" function to the game.