CVG: Sony: More "existing franchises" to get motion updates

LittleBigPlanet, Pain, Flower and Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition are just some of the existing games that are being updated to support Sony's new motion wands when they arrive later this year, and Sony says it's looking at more of its franchises, too.

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Michael Denny, senior VP of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe, said: "When you give our development teams exciting new technology, it's great to see the experiences they come up with.

"And that's both in terms of new concepts and new games, but also the application of those technologies to our existing franchises."

He later added: "We are both working on new games and looking at applications to our existing franchises."

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sinncross3667d ago

The article itself makes the understanding of this quote seem a little confusing.

By adding it to 'existing franchises' just sounds like it means new titles will receive support for the controller, such as Resistance 3, for example.

However with the article starting of by stating which current titles are getting patched, it almost makes it seem like the article believes the quote was in reference to existing titles such as Resistance 2, for example.

I think its def the former though which could be cool. Optional support for the motion controller is definitely a plus who find the controller to be worth their while.

Cerberus21253667d ago

It means just that,that they are thinking about making a patch for some of the games already out,such as Resistance 2, for example.

NateNater3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

"We are both working on new games and looking at applications to our existing franchises."

So Sony will be patching existing titles and making new ones for their motion controller

redsquad3667d ago

Little Big Planet is the one exising PS3 game where I can see the addition of a motion control option being interesting and useful.