What BioShock 2's Hacking Looks Like if You're Colour Blind

Negative Gamer shows how much BioShock 2's new hacking mechanic is altered by various forms of colour blindness.

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techie3662d ago

That sucks...but the hacking is still better than Bioshock 2. I still don't know why they don't mix it up and include a few different hacking methods...gets a bit yawn inducing towards the end.

gamester3662d ago

a valuable appraisal of Bioshock 2's hacking system... hope that 2K Games pays attention.

Color coding also plays an important role in Fable 2; if you could not see the colors accurately
it would probably be a game-stopper for the player.

Letros3662d ago

I've heard similar complaints to Bad Company 2, they can't tell friend from foe, as the colors appear the same.