IncGamers - Monster Hunter Tri Hands-On Preview

Richard Walker decides to Tri out the Wii's forthcoming Monster Hunter Tri.

From the preview: "Since the dawn of man, humankind has always endeavoured to triumph over nature, whether it's shooting pheasants, running over hedgehogs or drop-kicking badgers square in the face. In Monster Hunter, this stuff is small fry – there are no badgers to punch - only the biggest game matters on your hunt to slay hulking beasts, which is seemingly just for the sheer hell of it, displaying enormous mounted scaly heads over your fireplace for posterity."

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Maticus3659d ago

It sounds like Stranglethorn Vale all over again

Leord3659d ago

*gets popcorn*

Love a good preview.

I think I like previews better than reviews, mainly because they are not so concerned and criticising!

Cogo3659d ago

I understand what you mean. Not terribly excited by this game, however.

Redrudy3658d ago

The tv ads sell us on the family aspect of the Wii but I don't think the split screen team take down sceanrios mentioned in the preview will be making it to any of those types of ads:)