FFXIII and Splinter Cell Xbox 360 250GB Bundles

Are you in the mood for a new Xbox 360 bundle? These were supposed to be announced at midnight, but a nice underground animal that rhymes with "vole" gave ARS the heads-up on both bundles.

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Grown Folks Talk3658d ago

it would be on. The only enticement would be the 250 gig drive. Already have the collectors ed preordered anyways.

RayMustang3658d ago

Okay, is it the US/North America version ?
I didn't see it on the gamestop webpage

Or is it...

JokesOnYou3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Of course its going to sell more on ps3, any jrpg in general that is released the same day would likely sell more on the ps3, just like the avg shooter would sell more on 360, that still doesn't mean either console shouldn't have the game or promote it on their platform....that's exactly how you increase the diversity in the userbase.


edit, my bad I meant to respond to #3 comment.

Lucreto3658d ago


Europe only I am afraid.

i3eyond the Circle3658d ago

If your looking for the best bundle of 2010.

Wait until Reach.

paradigmfellow3658d ago

that will get the final fantasy bundle would be for the system and they will trade in final fantasy 13 right away. Sorry but FF13 will still sell more on PS3

BeaArthur3658d ago

It probably will sell more on PS3 but that doesn't mean someone who buys the console is going to immediately trade it in. That is totally ridiculous. They would play the game first, and if they had no interest in the game they wouldn't have bought the bundle in the first place.

paradigmfellow3658d ago

for gamestop I see it all the time on the 360 bundles besides MW2. People will see more value on the controller, hard drive, and headset. Also considering what kind of games sell for 360 I can actually see them taking out the game right away and trade it in to get another one.

Convas3658d ago

Helghan, don't you think it's time to give up videogames and head on into the retirement home? LMAO! You see what I did there?

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The story is too old to be commented.