El33tonline Review: Mass Effect 2

El33tonline writes:

"I mostly judge games by the amount of time I would rather spend playing than writing about it. In this case I face a big dilemma: why would anybody write about a game this vast and deep and funny and great, rather than play it again? I can't think of a good enough reason. (Ed: I can! cracks the whip) Ok, so maybe I can too.

The first Mass Effect was a great achievement for gaming. It was the most cinematic game for its time, successfully combining role-playing, shooter and adventure genres. Decisions you made in the game decided who lived and who died, sometimes with thousands of lives in the balance. The story was epic, the universe unique and the game deserves a place in some sort of hall of fame, apart from my gaming collection. It had a few smaller faults, most noticeably the Mako driving sequences. The sequel, aptly named Mass Effect 2, is the perfection that the first game strived to be."

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