Eurogamer: Global Agenda Review

Without a total reboot, what bars Global Agenda from being an obvious purchase will not change. It's a shooter without eloquence or crunch, an MMO without content or personality, and as an experimental combination of the two it's missing ambition. It barely has any problems beyond its averageness. And that's a much, much harder thing to get behind.

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Myst3658d ago

There isn't even a recon in this picture it's an assault and a robotic

Anyway eh kind of miffed about the score here, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Personally I still say it's a pretty decent and fun game. For being free to play it will soak up a few hours or more especially if you decide to go and play the conquest.

Dylken3658d ago

not really a great review and has a few points in personally disagree with. i've got a level 20 recon so far, really enjoying it. i would recommend this to and FPS fans who enjoy character progression. classes in my mind are rpetty well balanced, game play is quick (makes for great pick up and play) and offers both pvp / pve all free. cant really beat that.