Steven Levy on the Desktop Mouse and Its Inevitable Extinction

Is it possible for a computer mouse to be cool? Ever since Douglas Engelbart invented the pointing device in 1963 as part of his shockingly perspicacious Human Augmentation Project, mouses have all been pretty much the same. Slide one to move the pointer on the screen. Click the buttons to select things.

But these days, as more and more of us are using laptops rather than desktops, the mouse has become an endangered species. Trackpads, after all, can do everything a mouse can - and more. With a Mac trackpad, you can now employ a wide range of finger motions to scroll through documents, tab between open applications, and zoom in and out of photos. And a new wave of touchscreen computers lets you manipulate things directly, like you're already doing with your smartphone. So, why even bother with a mouse?

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chak_3667d ago

"Trackpads, after all, can do everything a mouse can - and more"

lol, I take that guy 1 on 1 in any FPS anytime.

Mouse rocks, I don't want gesture sh1t nor touchscreen.

mittwaffen3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

We'd of already gotten rid of them if that was the case.
Sorry, we'll always have some form of a physical mouse.

An article like that...on a gaming website is the last place for an article like that.