Halo: Reach - 'Bungie's most powerful title'

Bungie has called Halo: Reach its 'most powerful ever title' in an exclusive new Official Xbox Magazine feature.

The 10-page preview of the title, which appears in OXM 57 - on newsstands today - includes an extensive hands-on, as well as interviews with key Bungie figures.

Reach's creative director Marcus Lehto told the mag: "Halo Reach is probably the most powerful title we've built to date with regards to story, character, new gameplay features we're throwing at the player, and new experiences overall."

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FangBlade3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

"Biggest title of 2010"
"Bungie's most powerful title"

Just shut up and let the fans do the talking.

Natsu X FairyTail3669d ago

How is that being Insecure? Bungie Feels like This is their Biggest title yet and as DEVS of the game they have every right to say so If they feel like it. They are respectful people and really take what the Fans think/feel at heart. The Big Halo fans will Agree with this game being the Biggest game of 2010 and Bungie's most powerful title.

you on the other hand arent a fan I've seen your comments. All you do is bash the xbox360 and anything MS related . So your comment = nada.

Bungie3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

but you know it's a fact, right?

Bungie owns all other developers when it comes to FPSs they're the best

-Easy to play, hard to master

nuff said

FangBlade3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

@ Natsu X FairyTail
I didnt bash the 360. I think its a great console and I get to play it all the time. But I do hate Microsoft.

Maybe yes, maybe not. We havent seen anything for Reach yet.
Personally, Im more interested in Crysis 2.

Ghostsmoker3669d ago

I really want to see how everything will work in the new Halo installment.

-Alpha3669d ago

Every dev does it, what's the big deal?

Yeah, it's self-obvious but they need to create hype and show confidence in their product like any other dev.

SL1M DADDY3669d ago

This quote held more water when Halo: CE was released and maybe even up to when Halo 2 was released but since then, it is just not true. Sorry, but FPS's are getting better across all platforms and most devs creating them have a good idea of what works and what does not. I would rather see what happens when the game is released rather than base my purchase on what the dev says, since we all know they are not going to knock their own game...

XDF3669d ago

There are hardly any media or information on Crysis 2, why you so excited/

Hellsvacancy3669d ago

"Bungie owns all other developers when it comes to FPSs they're the best"

Ive heard it all now

-Alpha3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

I would actually agree with Bungie somewhat though I wouldnt say they "own every other dev". As an online game at least, Halo's multiplayer is still one of the best and still untouched in terms of features. Modern Warfare had the ability to match it but MW2 has failed horribly.

I say this because even if you look past the multiplayer, you can see Bungie as a developer is seriously one of the best out there. They are very close with their community, they constantly are toying with the playlists, and Halo 3 itself has features that are totally absent in today's games. Split screen online, offline, Co-op online and offline, a fully functional theater mode, forge, and the website features of Halo makes for one hell of a competitive and nicely packaged game. I'm a sucker for split-screen online and I can't believe how sorely missed it is this gen.

You may not like Halo, and I understand that a lot of people dont like it for some reason, but Bungie (the developer) are people I would totally buy a game from. Their main products are top notch (ODST on the other hand is a different story).

I have no doubt Reach is going to be the most anticipated game of '10. People have been itching for a sequel since Halo 3.

Fanb0y3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Take a chill pill everyone. Bungie is more aware of their 'mistakes' in Halo 3 and ODST. Gameplay has been EVEN FURTHER refined. There's no way they'll develop some quickly-hashed-together video game.

In addition, featuring this game on new characters on a new setting gives them even more creative freedom, rather than being stuck to the Halo canon, or build around the Chief.

It won't be a rushed game. It just won't be for everyone.

And @Fangblade
You're excited about Crysis 2? With no proper screens? Very little info? A mid-2011 release date? Have fun.

vhero3669d ago

We will see when it comes out the fact it might be NATAL only controlled worries me.

D4RkNIKON3669d ago

It is the next Halo.. Shouldn't this statement go without saying? I mean it would be a great disappointment if it wasn't. Am I right?

PoSTedUP3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

bungie are great dev's looking at halo3 and and halo 1. i'm personally not a halo fan (a socom guy) but i can see the hard work and talent bungie puts into there games, halo is a game where fun matters most to most people. i like my KZ2 with the action and explosions and graphics etc. but i see why halo's still such an amazing franchise to a lot fo people.

next FPS i buy is AVP then operation flashpoint2.

@ fanboy & XDF- whats the big deal? looking at crysis one, and knowing the second one is coming to consoles, what's not to be excited about, the man has every right to be. even knowing the game is going to look half way decent is still a good reason to be excited of you're a crysis fan. i havent seen screens for KZ3, yet i am really excited for it...

@fox05 below- GT5 wand? DUDE DON'T WORRIE ME LIKE THAT, i'll throw my ps3 out the window. hah

Fox013669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

And the fact that Gran Turismo 5 will be a Wand only controlled game worries me too.

Worries I tell ya.

Ghostsmoker3669d ago

Halo: Reach won't be NATAL controlled. They already said that.

i3eyond the Circle3669d ago

What console FPS developer has offered the features Bungie has given to its fans and community?


Halo Theater
Custom Gametypes
Custom settings

No FPS developer has matched Bungies multiplayer development and multiplayer is what makes the game.

Looks @ Halo 3's sales and active players that top XBL charts since 2007.

Monchichi0253669d ago

Anybody that doesn't acknowledge that HALO:Reach will be 2010 biggest release is a fool!! hat it or not, HALO is viewed as King by the Mass Market and MS will spend the marketing money to make sure they know it.
And don't give me that, God of War garbage! god of War will turn out to be a GREAT game but it is no Halo. It does not have the mass market appeal as it is a slasher and it is not Multiplayer!!! It is multiplayer after all that makes Halo....Halo to the mass market.

Kratos2153669d ago

GT5 will be a biggest release this year. Halo will be a close second though

Major_Tom3669d ago

They definitely don't mean in terms of graphics

SoX FireBlade3669d ago

who cares about graphics ?

Halo is about gameplay and the graphics are good enough for a 2010 release

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BeaArthur3669d ago

I'm excited for this game. It sounds like the overhauled engine and new story direction will make for a fresh experience. I'm a big fan of the Halo series but it's time for the series' single player to evolve.

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josephayal3669d ago


Ashriel3669d ago

From what I've read, yes, it may be Bungie's most powerful title.

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