Edge Interview: Jason Rohrer

Edge: Jason Rohrer seems to be smiling at all moments, as if he were just on the verge of breaking out in laughter. His eyes are focused and watchful, exposing a fast-moving mind and a taste for provocation. Rohrer's games have begun to popularise the idea of games about people, free of the weights of genre, story conventions, or even expectations of fun.

From Passage to Between, his works are contained and earnest but enlivened with moments of discovery and emotion. The Cornell-graduate lives in New Mexico with his wife and two children, living a famously modest life on a small salary from a patron as well as consulting jobs for agencies including Tool. Rohrer revealed his newest game, Sleep Is Death, at The Art History of Games symposium in Atlanta. We sat down with him to talk about it, his thoughts on the industry, and how he came to commit his life to game design.

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