Metro 2033 Sets New Quality Bar For Visual Fidelity - THQ

CC: THQ Executive Producer Luis Gigliotti believes that their upcoming survival horror first-person shooter Metro 2033 sets a 'new quality bar for visual fidelity'.

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SpaceSquirrel3670d ago

Game looks great so far. Dunno if it can top Killzone 2 in graphics though.

mjolliffe3670d ago

True, its a 360 exclusive anyway (for console at least) so we can expect some pretty decent graphics.

But topping Killzone 2's will be a tough job. It's still the best looking game around in my opinion.

alphakennybody3670d ago

its easy to "set" the bar, when the game is 90%of the time in a dark tunnel with some little smart lightwork. well thats what I saw so far.

Shaman3670d ago

Yea its in tune but it will be also outside.But why do Sony fanboys bash Halo Reach gfx considering it has 40 a.i and 20 vehicles on screen and all that on open battlefield?Hypocrites...GOW III looks great because it has non dynamic camera so you see what devs want you to see,but of course im gonna get many disagree from blinded looks great.

GVON3670d ago

".But why do Sony fanboys bash Halo Reach gfx considering it has 40 a.i and 20 vehicles on screen and all that on open battlefield?"

Dude what are you going on about.

Bungie3670d ago

i'm not exception good reviews for this game
they'll bash it for not having MP and Co op

hope it turn out being good

Shaman3670d ago

Well the guy above me said its easy to make it good in dark tunels...well tell me how many a.i on screen has UC2!That game is linear and that is why it looks good like that and bashing halo reach for gfx is stupid because the game has more a.i on screen then all your gfx kings from 2006 together.

lowcarb3669d ago

Metro raises the bar and surpasses KZ2 easily. Next Alan Wake will raise it and then Brink,Rage and Crysis 2.

alphakennybody3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

wah? I don't see Halo written anywhere on my comment, you need new pairs of glasses dude. And what's the A.I has to do with it? you need to relax a little. I was stating the obvious: Enclosed/dark environment + smart light work= easy graphics(Dead space for example), It doesn't take a genius to figure that out nowadays.

Shaman3669d ago

Sry mate but im not the one with goggles.UC2 and KZ2 while having amazing graphics ARE linear,with small ammount of a.i on screen so for them to achieve those graphics with huge budget is not credit of ps3s power but smart devs and linear levels.Something that sonys fanboys wont admit.

alphakennybody3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

/sigh... really? I didn't even mentioned any of the game you just listed nor I had intention of bashing any unrelated games. I did not say it was bad looking, for your own good read my comment below tudors which was written before my second reply to you. I will say this again: I was just stating the obvious. Anyway I'm not wasting anymore words on you.

PoSTedUP3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

KZ2's A.I is still some of the best to date, you still have to consider everything else that is going on on screen like the amazing particle.... @ eddy- i agree, i will waste no more.

any ways the metro 2033 screens i seen i though it could rival KZ2, it looked just like it.

talltony3669d ago

Killzone 2 has tons of lighting going on at once. Tons of charachters on screen at once. Play a 32 player match online in killzone 2 and just tell me their is nothing going on. I wont believe you. Bots flying around, turrets shooting, gernades and rocket launchers going off, realistic smoke effects and bullet holes, all while maintaining the same graphical fidelity that is in the single player. I hate when people downplay killzone 2's graphics when they have no idea what they are talking about. killzone 2 is pure quality

Chubear3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

This game looks fantastic! It's going to be the BEST looking game the 360 has ever seen and it's coming out in year 5 of the system cause from what I've seen so far (if the 360 version DOES look exactly like the PC versions shown) there's NO game on the 360 that has shown that level of graphics, lighting and animation, altogether, to date.

There is NOTHING on 2033 that the PS3 base hasn't seen or experienced for years now when it comes to graphical fidelity, lighting and animation. What the 360 will be experiencing with this game in year 5, the PS3 base has been experiencing it since years 1&2 of the PS3 life cycle and that's the obvious truth. What's even funnier is, that games shows obvious influences from KZ2 but the same people hating on KZ2 now LOVE the technical game elements in this game - STOOOOPID.

If the 360 had a game like this in it's 2nd year then that would have shown a lot of promise but to beat chests about this in year 5 takes away from how great this title is looking to be on it's own merits instead of using it to play stupid N4G flame war games.

The game looks brilliant, enjoy it for the great game it looks like it'll be and stop with your BS.

Oh, if anyone has seen a vid of the game running on the 360 I'd like a link please. So far it's been the PC version I've seen a lot of and I'm hoping they aren't trying to pull a fast one on the fans by making all believe the PC version is exactly like the 360 version.

lowcarb3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

"There is NOTHING on 2033 that the PS3 base hasn't seen or experienced for years"

This has got to be dumbest logic ever. 2033 destroys all your dreams of KZ2 being the best looking console fps. I'm not trying to go to deep into this but 2033 is on a level you will never understand.

edit below: I don't have to prove anything! The footage of the game has been released and if the 360 version version even looks close it will kill kz2 in the visuals department.

"Show me a video of the 360 version in action."

So you admit this game does look better lol. you just proved it yourself.

"You are just full of hot air. Game might look great on PC but this is year 5 people year freakin 5"

Who cares how long it's taking. As long as they keep making progress I'm happy.

"I dont why you guys have so much faith in the 360 hardware still."

because developers are still trying to figure it out and we know that it has more potential than PS3.

"The 360 has yet to prove me wrong, you guys try and prove me wrong about games that are not even out all the time."

You've already been proven wrong! 2010 360 games so far surpass anything seen on PS3 shown yet.

"why do you have so much faith in the console?"

Maybe because we don't have any faith in PS3! Sony may have you fooled but not everyone. Keep trying troll and come back when you have some something worth replying to. People saying KZ2 looks better than metro 2033 were probably the same ones saying PS2 was more powerful than Xbox and had better online lol.

talltony3669d ago

Show me a video of the 360 version in action. You are just full of hot air. Game might look great on PC but this is year 5 people year freakin 5! I dont why you guys have so much faith in the 360 hardware still. The 360 has yet to prove me wrong, you guys try and prove me wrong about games that are not even out all the time. why do you have so much faith in the console? I dont get it.

Chubear3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

I'm not going to let people like you spoil my excitement for this game.

You want to use it to play stupid flamewar games and, for this game, I won't participate in it. If it is not obvious to you that this game's developers took careful notes from KZ2 (and few other games) in lighting, game mechanics, presentation, graphical fidelity and EVEN some weight simulation then I'll let you stew in your vile fanatic juices.

The game looks brilliant but it is not necessarily the graphics that make you want to experience this (like I said, weather you acknowledge it or not, this is not new to the PS3 base) but rather the immersion.

The interaction to other NPCs, the world it's self just looks so brilliant. This is going to be a gamer's game and I hope fans of consoles on both sides use this to support and encourage the developers of this game and other developers to up their game up like this too.

I'm a nobody but I'd ask all PS3 gamers not to engage in the obvious incoming of 360fanatic BS about "oh, iz teh Killzone 2 KILLA" but rather applaud the developers of this game and show them support by not doggin on their product just because you want to fight back at loser 360 fans looking to take away from the accomplishments of the PS3 exclusive library.

3669d ago
beans3669d ago

All of you fanboys above are annoying. Why don't we wait for footage today or later before we start pretending it is over for 360.

Major_Tom3669d ago

They're clearly talking about the PC version.

TheBand1t3669d ago

Considering that the same people hyping up Metro 2033 as awesome in the graphics department are also the same people who said that Gears 2 is equal to Uncharted 2 in visuals and technical aspects, I shall take their opinion with a pinch or two of salt.

CWMR3669d ago

-This whole attitude that "the 360 just can't equal ps3 exclusives" is so ridiculously stupid. There are just two games on the ps3 that you could argue look better than the best 360 games, but that is just two games! Quit acting like most ps3 exclusives are amazing, because they are not. Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 came out and they looked fantastic and they were the arguably the best looking games for awhile, but now newer games will be coming out that equal or surpass those games. That's just the way it goes.

But when you get right down to it, does it even matter? I mean, when graphics get to a certain point does it even matter if one game looks 2% better than another one? Is it even possible to accurately determine which game looks better when all the best looking games all look so different and all have their own unique strengths? I think once you reach a certain point it is all subjective anyway.

As for the guy that said Metro 2033 only looks good because everything takes place in tunnels, well obviously he doesn't know what he is talking about. I believe the developer said around a third of the game takes place on the surface. Check out this video from about 3:15 onward they are in an outdoor environment and you can see how impressive the graphics are.-

talltony3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

When gow 3 releases it will be praised for its graphics and quality and you guys will be saying the same thing you are now. You guys are like a broken record. I have had a 360 since launch so call me a troll call me whatever but all of you guys that still think that ps3 isnt more capable than the 360 in 2010 is just in the worst denial. End Of! You guys are the ones that thought the ps2 was more powerful than the xbox, not me :) You guys are just so angry, I hear the pain in your typing its sad.

And cwmr that video is terrible quality with no more than one enemy attacking at once. Lets wait till the final game comes out shall we.


Well, this game it is for PC too. So, Im sure it will have top graphics.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )


''Metro raises the bar and surpasses KZ2 easily. Next Alan Wake will raise it and then Brink,Rage and Crysis 2.''

Then after Crysis 2 (from consoles), Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, The Last Guardian.

Don't be a fanboy from Xbox, please. Wondering how many comments of you are in Open Zone and deleted from Moderators xD.

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table3670d ago

I think they are talking about the PC version. I remember reading an interview with the developers and they said that they were focusing on the PC version being the strong point and the 360 version doesn't look quite as good. I don't have a link sorry. You'd expect THQ not to specify anything though.

Bluemaster773669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Ive been trying to find that interview i dont think its exists ...... sad

Double Toasted3669d ago

...mostly from some German websites, were 360 build.

Major_Tom3669d ago

"We preview the game a few weeks ago and voiced a number of concerns with it. The graphical issues and the unbalanced gameplay leave us with a sour taste, but one can hope that developer 4A has listened to criticism and made the game a little more sensible. If you're going to make a special edition, you better damn well make a game good enough to justify it."

Ghostsmoker3669d ago

Well, if the video you brought in is really 360 footage we will have a new graphical benchmark on consoles. Even it is in bad quality - really awesome.

tehReaper3669d ago

@Major Tom

I love how you trust Jim Sterling when he's talking about a 360 console exclusive, but you were singing(literally) a different tune here:


Well, PC will have better graphics.


If that is the gameplay from Xbox. Can't wait to see the gameplay from PC. It will outstanding, much better than Xbox.

Major_Tom3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Destructoid is usually more lenient with the Xbox 360, so when they say there's graphical issues, I believe them.

These are all facts, I just lay them all out on the table.

You've been facted, kid.

tehReaper3669d ago

No, I don't believe I have. You can't just side with the guy when you feel it's convenient. If you feel he's not a good writer, then why trust his view on another game?

To me, he's hard on everybody. He seems to dislike games that do not offer multiplayer.

Metro 2033 - No Multiplayer
Heavy Rain - No Multiplayer

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kevco333670d ago

As much as I'm looking forward to Metro 2033, I'll believe it when I see it.

Chubear3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

I know how you feel. Too many games that have shown presentations that look incredible but once you get it in your hands the delivery of the game gets disappointing.

However, I really don't see that here. This thing looks like an amazing experience. This is why I play VGs, this kind of immersion where they take you INTO the world and let you role play and feel like part of that world.

From what I've seen, I will be totally floored if the delivery of the story and gameplay doesn't live up to what's been shown so far. Floored and very very saddened. This game HAS to deliver; it looks too awesome not to.

Sarcasm3670d ago


Crytek is saying the same thing about Crysis 2. But hey, they proved it with Crysis on the PC.

tudors3670d ago

No offense but isn't KZ2 a dark game, couldn't the same thing be said about that?

alphakennybody3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

I admit it was dark, but it wasn't set in dark tunnels. But I also don't recall calling Metro a bad looking game.I'm just stating he obvious. Heck if you have free time, I'm sure I wrote that Metro looks damn good when they showed some of the first gameplay footage. Its somewhere buried in my history, if not I probably wrote that on another site. I'm just glad that great visuals are popping up everywhere. I'm buying it once I replace this outdated pc of mine sometime this spring or summer.

Zeal0t3670d ago

Yes KZ2 is relatively dark but i don't think it's as dark as a horror shooter. Anyway i honestly don't care if looks better or worse than KZ2 or any other game as long as i get a great atmospheric horror shooter

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