Forza 3 passes Gran Turismo PSP

Forza Motorsport 3 has eclipse 2 million copies sold since its October release, putting it just slightly ahead of handheld rival Gran Turismo PSP.

That Forza Motorsport 3 has sold 2 million copies is a great thing, though it's not totally fair to compare it with the 1.8 million Gran Turismo copies bought on PSP. After all, PSP is a handheld and Xbox 360 is a console.

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Wrathman3666d ago

and mario kart wii outsells them all

soo wots your point droids?

Natsu X FairyTail3666d ago

"though it's not totally fair to compare it with the 1.8 million Gran Turismo copies bought on PSP. After all, PSP is a handheld and Xbox 360 is a console."

but they thought it was smart making an article about it?

socomnick3666d ago

I think its pretty fair to compare.

Forza3 outsold a Grand Turismo game while having a substantially smaller install base on the 360.

Close to 40 million 360s to sell to.
Meanwhile the psp has 55 million sold.

zootang3666d ago

Top rated flagship racer just outsells a poorly rated handheld racer. Well done nick!

FamilyGuy3666d ago

Title should read:

"Forza 3 barely able to out pace GT Psp"

Seriously, that's pretty bad.
Psp is a hand held
Psp has a HUGE piracy problem
Many Psp owners haven't touched their psp for month/years
GT Psp received scores mostly in the 7-8/10 range while forza 9-10/10

Are the PSN downloads of GT Psp even counted in that 1.8mil?
Are the bundles?

Argento-Nox3666d ago


By your comparison/reasoning, GT5P has done much better than F3. After all GT5P released when there was significantly less PS3's when it came out, whereas F3 was released to a 40 million 360 userbase, right?

Sarcasm3666d ago

"Are the PSN downloads of GT Psp even counted in that 1.8mil? "

They never are. Considering GT5P hit 4.6million and not counting PSN downloads.

SL1M DADDY3666d ago

So in your own logic, only 5% of the 360 fans purchased the game Forza 3 while 3% of the PSP fans bought GT:PSP. Seems to me like these numbers are far from article worthy but they sure do make those wearing fanboy goggles happy...

DeepInterludium3666d ago

GT PSP sold 1.8 million at the end of December, it could still be ahead of Forza 3. And that's pretty sad considering how much hype MS was trying to build for it and how GT PSP has to fight all the piracy on PSP.

beardpapa3665d ago

I'm far more surprised the GT portable sold that many units considering the psp is paperweight for the majority of its time. Aside from PJM, what other good games are on the PSP? really?

Sitdown3665d ago

"Aside from PJM, what other good games are on the PSP? really? "

Super mario 1, 2, 3, sonic, etc, etc, etc... ;-)

execution173665d ago

lol'd when i read that title, so what happened to this definitive racer of this gen?

Hakimy3665d ago

the author is trying to make fun of Forza (or that's what I think anyway).its like he is trying to say "well,at least you outsold something!" the title really made me laugh XD

Shang-Long3665d ago

I loled so hard at the title.

ian723665d ago

I always LOL so hard at socomnick. Always so wrong.

Terry Tate3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

This is about the stupidest article I've seen on here, and there are a LOT of stupid ones.
Let me be clear (and earn some disagrees just by saying it I'm sure), I love Forza Motorsport 3. I play it for a while every day after work. Comparing the sales of this to GT on the PSP is just lame though. FM3 should be compared to GT5P, or GT5 when it comes out. Compare GT on the PSP to Mairo Cart on the Wii.

BulletToothtony3665d ago

sales it's all that is left for a certain console.. soon will be reading.. Game A has sold 8 more copies than Game B..

randomwiz3665d ago

you also have to consider 50/55m psps run custom firmware.

piracy on the psp is just as bad as piracy on the pc. Games get pirated more than they sell.

Nikuma3665d ago

A lost of GT fans don't care about GT PSP, myself included. Can't wait get my hands on GT5, but I hardly gave GT PSP a look. My PSP is a RPG/Monster hunter machine. :)

BlackTar1873665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

You do realize the PSP isn't the DS right?

silvacrest3665d ago

with custom firmware you can get all the games he mentioned on the PSP

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snake-OO3666d ago

when it passes 10 mil like gt4 or even gt3's 14.8 mil then let me know.

Deadman643665d ago

"gran turismo" the only game in the history of sony to actually sell well


Meryl3665d ago

^^lol sad fanboy alert (deadman64 that is)

ZombieAutopsy3665d ago

You do realize someone could just say something like "Halo, the only game MS could ever sell." or "GT franchise sold as much as the xbox console last gen."

I'm just saying you fanboys really need to think about what you're gonna say before you hit that Add Reply button.

3sq3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

It's competing with a PSP game? And only by 200k? LMAO

Conando3665d ago

To be fair, the PSP install base is about 20 million larger than the 360's, Gran Turismo PSP has been out longer, and Gran Turismo is a much more established and popular franchise than Forza Motorsport. It has been around for 12 years after all, compared to Forza's 5 years. Also, GT fans must be dying for their fix, since it's been 5 years since the last real Gran Turismo game.

ZombieAutopsy3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Well to be fair the psp has one of the highest piracy rate of any gaming device (not to mention how easy it is to mod the thing), So the fact that GT PSP even sold as much as it has really says alot...but thats if you just wanna be fair.

EDIT: Ok i read some more of your comments so im not even gonna bother.

ZombieAutopsy3666d ago

Good for them, but in all fairness i'd say the piracy rate for the psp is WAY too high.

silvacrest3665d ago

yeah, you can hack a PSP in 5 mins if you no what to do

im not talking BS, i've done this myself