What will 2010 bring to

What does 2010 mean for Goozex? A successful 2009 brought the Goozex Exchange and the ability to trade dvds/blu-rays. Will 2010 bring free trades for all? How about the addition of cd and book trading? Users of were polled, some said 2010 will bring good things to the site, others believe the site will grow to be too much.

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Vo_Cal3657d ago

3 more days for the 50% off points deal. If you missed some past AAA titles, now is the time to get them. I got 5000 points for $130. With the variable point system, i can easily pick up 7-8 games for my 360 & PS3..

kube003657d ago

I'd take the 100 point refer a friend promo too

JimmyJames703657d ago

Yeah, the refer a friend promo was nice. I don't know about trading strategy guides, you can find those easy enough online. Trading books and CDs, I don't know. Does anyone still use CDs for music? Aren't print books going out of fashion with the Kindle and the iPad and whatever comes next?

Site improvements is what would really rock. Like upgrading the servers to start.