Split screen co-op confirmed for Lost Planet 2

Late last year, PS3 owners across the globe got some hands on time with Capcom's upcoming shooter, Lost Planet 2. The demo featured two short levels, topped off with a massive boss fight against a salamander-like Akrid. The key feature of the demo was the ability to play with four other players cooperatively, though it was limited to online only.

This won't be the case in the final build, as confirmed by the latest issue of Famitsu.

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gauntletpython3662d ago

I was really surprised it wasn't in it to begin with, considering it was built on the MT Framework, same as RE5.

gaffyh3662d ago

I haven't played a split-screen game in ages, hope it doesn't affect the graphics.

pixelsword3662d ago

The PS3 is sorely lacking for good games that have split-sreen co-op, so this just turned interesting in terms of possibilities on the PS3 in terms of PSN/home/game integration.

This is still in the "rent" pile for me... but the 360's version of LP2 had the edge in my mind because of the graphical advantage of the first one (it wasn't a big advantage, but every bit counts [no pun intended]).

Now the PS3 has the edge to me because of the free online.

have to wait for the demo for my final judgment.

Natsu X FairyTail3662d ago

Nice bring back Split Screen co-op more often.

Blaze9293662d ago

hell yeah. something I miss with all the PS3 exclusives. Not enough split-screen in exchange for pretty visuals. *glares down at Killzone 2 box*

saint_john_paul_ii3662d ago

Heres the biggest question, will this game do Multi-PSN logins?