Gameplay Monthly: MAG Review

GPM writes: "So, you maggots think that your hot stuff when it comes to shooters, eh? You laughed in the face of 60-player Resistance 2 matches, did ya? You've reached every level of Valor in Killzone 2, is that right? You've gotten a 50+ kill streak and have called in 25 nukes in Modern Warfare 2, huh fancy-pants? Well then, Sony and Zipper Interactive of SOCOM fame have something that may make you crap your pants, and that thing is MAG. This Massive Action Game will give you first-person shooting action in battles with up to 256, that's right, two-hundred and fifty-six other human beings fighting to control the battlefield. So, are you man enough to enter the shadow war? I doubt it, but let's find out if you've got the stones anyway…."

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