A Patch is Coming to MAG

Zipper: "fix is coming -- QA testing the patches takes longer than actually creating them -- it's part of the quality control process to ensure that fixing something doesn't create new problems along with it."

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TheHater3670d ago

Infinity Ward can learn a thing or two

Myst3670d ago

For some reason the picture made me smile and chuckle at the same time. I don't know why I guess in my eyes it just seems interesting. Anyway good for them for looking into problems, even though some people gripe and think some things should be fixed from the get go. Every little thing can't be solved at the initial process, so it's good that developers at least look into problems rather than unleashing the game and never looking at it again.

Again may get this game soon, but it's probably going to be a rental first as it's either this or Tatunoko vs. Capcom ( I know not the same genre ), but I still have Christmas money and need to use it anyway...

raztad3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

If you like FPS there is a huge chance you'll enjoy MAG. Rent or not reach level 8, unlock Domination and then make your mind. If you want to be in the winning team SVER is the way to go. RAVEN/VALOR are incredible when they put their game together but they lose frequently with SVER.

EDIT: I dont mind to lose. I'm RAVEN and we lose frequently but sometimes we can coordinate and put a very good fight. Either way MAG is an extremely enjoyable game. The feel of the battle is EPIC, just stick with your squad and you are all set.

"guys with the loose garments" Yeah that sounds like SVER. I played SVER during the beta but feel like it was getting overpopulated so I joined RAVEN this time.

Myst3670d ago

Well I don't like FPSs' a lot per say, but at the same time I don't hate them enough to look completely away from them. Only one I have at this moment is Killzone 2 ( and Perfect Dark Zero, but that's for 360 ). My friends are trying to get me to get CoD, but not really interested in it. MAG beta was fun although I royally screwed up a lot.

As of right now my interest for it grows little by little, because it reminds me of when I first got my PS3 and warhawk spending hours on that game. Now I kind of want to do the same with MAG, but slightly weary of it at the same time.

Also meh at winning team, each team can win depending on how the team presents themselves :p. Though I can't remember which side I joined anyway, thought I think it was SVER anyway the guys with the loose garments?

KAEM73670d ago

I picked it up today and it definitely doesn't disappoint! Thanks to all the greatly positive comments here on N4G I decided to go for it. And I am really enjoying it now, played over 5 hours so far. So thanks to the users who voiced their experience with MAG (among them raztad). See N4G is more than just flamewars!

Malebaria3670d ago

@Above- Glad you´re enjoying it as much as we are!

On topic: Kudos to Zipper for listenning to the complaints and ensuring the patch process itself goes smoothly. Go Raven!