Violence in video games

Since Doom was released in 1993 violent crimes in the United States have been reduced by 40%. Coincidence? Possibly, yes. However, the year Quake and Duke Nukem 3D were released, violent crimes fell by 4%, and a further 2% when Grand Theft Auto was released.

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Diselage4135d ago

Funny thing about this, it's completely true and something the law enforcement has been trying to not make a big deal about. I completed my criminal justice minor last year and statistics like this was a huge part of my Junior year.

The reason that law enforcement downplay this is because they are worried they're funding will be cut if they start saying how great everything is actually going. Thats why they have click it and ticket programs and such 1) to raise money 2) to give them something to bust down on because quite frankly there isn't as much to do as there was a decade or two ago. Of course there are still the big scary "dark statistics of crime" as well but who needs to know that only half of ALL crime is actually punished.

MK_Red4135d ago

Hey, Where is Mortal Kombat? It brought us the word "Fatality".

Torch4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

how many anti-video-gaming proponents, such as Jack Thompson, irresponsibly spin vague and irrelevant events and statistics to support their questionable cause, yet have the balls to dismiss pro-gaming statistics such as these.

In reality, there probably ISN'T any correlation with video games and the decrease in crime rate...but when in Rome, do as the Romans do, right?

So be it, then: Wacko Jacko recklessly preaches that video games are the root of all evil???

In that case, I say, 'pshaw!' to that, as it's obvious from these statistics, that Duke Nukem', with his lovable shrink ray and admirable "shake it baby, shake it!" strippers, are single-handedly responsible for averting World War III, and the ultimate Doom (heh, heh!) of all of man-kind.

"Come get some!"