Does Bioshock 2 feel "Too Familiar"?

Explicit Gamer talks with over 50 gamers to find out what they think about Bioshock 2. The general consensus is that Bioshock 2 is a great game, but intense feelings of familiarity make it fall short in comparison to its predecessor.

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OGharryjoysticks3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Nobody cared after the first hour of the original.

Seriously, how long before originality becomes familiar?

EDIT- Raf1k1, "to the end" didn't really change much so I can't agree with you. The world of Bioshock is its own setting and that is what kept you playing. Do you even remember what the guy's name was in the first game? Honestly it wasn't really about that. And to have a Resident Evil 5 game release and keep selling makes any Bioshock disagreement sound foolish.

Raf1k13665d ago

I cared and there are quite a few others that loved the game through to the end.

As much as I loved the first one I think they should have just left it at that.

Umbrella Corp3665d ago

Rapture is huge and a brand new perspective is a good love note to the fans.

Gamerbee3665d ago

1stly Graphics are worse. All the missions are bin ther done that. Same plasmids etc. Only two new enemies (brutes & big sisters? & a week & confusing storyline for of loop holes. Honestly Bioshock 1 was epic. Bioshock 2..on its own is a good game. As a sequel to an epic game. No its disapointing. I took it back.

raztad3664d ago


Game is getting high praise nevertheless. A game with all those cons should be in the range 8-8.5, if gameplay, story, fun factor are high.

Blow Out Your Brains3665d ago

Does Mass Effect 2 feel too familiar? How about Halo? STFU with these stupid articles. How about Gears 2, did that feel too familiar? The only thing proven by these articles is the idiocy of gaming journalists. A sequel should feel familiar since it TIES IN WITH THE ORIGINAL GAME.

GUCommander3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I'm sorry, but you're dumb. All of those games you just mentioned are nowhere near as bad as Bioshock 1 and 2. EVERY review says it is too familiar almost to a fault.

Blow Out Your Brains3664d ago

really moron, what's the original metacritic score of bioshock again?? stfu

GUCommander3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )


(XB360) Bioshock: 96
(XB360) Bioshock 2: 88

Main complaint from ALL reviewers: The game was too similar and familiar.

You can sit here and cry about my "bad" journalism all you want but my claims are based on "professional" reviews and me asking over 50 gamers their opinion.

Lets face it, the main attraction in Bioshock 1 was Rapture. That hasn't changed, and neither has Rapture. And that is a problem. The game feels more like an addon than a sequel.

You really should have read my article and the reviews before spewing your naive and ill-founded fanboy crap.