Game Guys Review: M.A.G. for the PS3

The boys and girls behind the original SOCOM, now calling themselves Zipper Interactive, are back at it, pushing the limits multiplayer technology coming out with a game that touts 258 players in one first person shooter match. The game looks and feels bigger then any comparable game out there today. It appears Zipper's ambition is as large as their domination map. (We'll get that in a moment).

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raztad3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I got to second that.

I cant play MAG right now. Feeling the urge but my wife is playing Folklore so I'm "doomed" tonight :D

BTW, I read the review. Short but interesting, it doesnt nitpick and gives the game a fair treatment. I'll keep on eye on news10 reviews.

PimpHandHappy3660d ago

wasn't that ALWAYS what they called themselves?