Call Of Duty 7 won't be as big as Modern Warfare 2 - Activision

CVG: Activision publishing CEO Mike Griffith has admitted that the firm isn't expecting this year's Treyarch-developed Call Of Duty 7 to eclipse sales of Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2.

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Jumper093666d ago

less bugs and a beta will be bigger than Modern Warfail 2.

villevalorox3666d ago

YEHA, Because you lost all of your fans with how bugged mw2 was... :@

infamousinfolite3666d ago

no its called "Modern Glitchfare 2" haha

emk20043666d ago

modern camping 2 failed so bad.

user8586213666d ago

Modern "Killspree" Warfare 2

Saaking3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

IMO, COD5 was a lot better than COD6. I really enjoyed WaW's online and Nazi Zombies and other than the constant grenade spamming, the SP(and the Split-Screen Co-op) was pretty decent. I hope Treyarch can pull of a much better CoD than IW.

Skip_Bayless3666d ago

The main reason is that the 360's hardware has already been maxed, so these multiplatform games aren't going to get any better.

cLiCK_sLiCK93666d ago

Campers on Duty: Money Wasted 2

The only reason ill pick up COD7 if they add zombies. Thats pretty much the only reason why I still own WAW.

Sub4Dis3666d ago

so...what? it'll be 3 hours long? hard to get much smaller. but hey, there's still at least 4-5 million mouth breathers that will continue to prove activision can screw over the consumer and get away with it.

Digitaldude3666d ago

Great support for Treyarch Activison.

evrfighter3666d ago

Well I think everyone saw this coming 100 miles away the day they decided to give the pc community the cold shoulder.

In all my years of pc gaming I've never saw a game released with so much bugs, glitches, connection issues, and balance issues. Console gamers got to see this first hand which is pretty hilarious as it used to be console games that usually didn't need patches.

what's sad is most of the console gamers that now know how bad MW2 is will STILL shell out the cash for a couple new maps in a few weeks. Especially considering if given the tools, pc gamers would create better maps...for free

Leviathon64253666d ago

really?... cant you just pick up a shooter with zombies that has a story why there are zombies?

II Necroplasm II3666d ago

I wonder how big Call of Duty 22 will be?

BattleAxe3666d ago

CoD with Zombies is better than MW2. It could be a bigger hit than they think.

jjohan353666d ago

After devoting 195 hours of actual gameplay online, I have only encountered glitching twice on the PS3. It's probably a lot more common on the 360 because that console is much easier to hack, but I bought MW2 used for my PS3 and not for my 360. To this day it still has over 400,000 active players online everyday. Even though Activision is the devil in a corporate suit, the game was obviously not a 'fail'.

I am thoroughly enjoying the Bad Company 2 demo, and was very pleased to discover that the mic worked perfectly fine on my PS3. BF1943 still doesn't support mics on the PS3.

I don't doubt that COD7 will not be as successful. Personally for me, I dislike historical shooters as well as sci-fi shooters. I used to love the Halo franchise on my 360, but ODST left a sore taste in my mouth. Right now I'm just looking forward to Bad Company 2 as well as Medal of Honor reboot.

JonnyBadfinger3666d ago

Everything about [email protected] was better than MW2, the matchmaking, weapon balancing, map design, less bugs... only the under the map bs, and Nazi Zombies... tell me how MW2 beat that? because it has a AK47 and M16?? sorry i still choose MP40 with dual magazine Stopping power with steady aim... and bandoiler and betties.

Lol "Tojo in the Dojo" love that... Cliffside my favourite map anyone beat 126 kills 11 deaths???... Im pretty proud of that one... i had constant dogs... f***ing hilarious....and i was host.

miggza3666d ago

Campers on Duty: Modern Glitchfail 2 sounds better.

BlackAvenger73666d ago

but HATED gun sounds in MW2.. am I the only one?!

DelbertGrady3666d ago

I know what you mean. Try playing Battlefield BC 2 and then switch over to MW2 and compare the sound effects. BC 2 has you on your toes all the time, even if no one is firing at you. Roaring sounds of distant explosions, soldiers yelling out commands etc. It just sets the mood perfectly.

bakasora3665d ago

Yes sound effect is top notch for BFBC2. MW2 sound effect is no good.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )


Or maybe Campers on Duty 7.
Campers on Duty 7: Modern Campers 3. Campers on Glitches, etc.

I hope better Ideas in the next CoD, from Campers to Glitch are tagged on MW2 now.

@Soda Popinsky

BFBC2 is better than MW2 in overall. Specially in the Sound and Special FX. You need a surround system to experience what I am saying.

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-Alpha3666d ago

Wow, it's been milked that far eh?

I actually don't mind the altering of Treyarch and IW. I don't think anybody expects Treyarch's games to be bigger than Modern Warfare but I sincerely hope they don't fail as much as IW did with their craptacular excuse for a multiplayer.

red2tango3666d ago

I don't mind it either. The only thing I don't like is that it's every year and it's a buggy product because Activision just wants to make a quick buck and couldn't give a sh1t about consumers.

BeaArthur3665d ago

IW should be more concerned at how they are going to repair the damage to the Modern Warfare series instead of worrying about Treyarch's new game.

red2tango3665d ago

Well IW and Activision have already lost a future consumer after MW2, so no matter what IW do, I won't buy it because it'll be the same as the previous game.

OGharryjoysticks3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

2 reasons.

1- Microsoft has a Halo game coming out that will rape its sales on 360 and hurt the media reception as well.

2- Everybody in the media creams over IW so if they don't make it, it won't make it.

kaveti66163666d ago

Your first reason is invalid. Halo 3 and Cod4 launched around the same time on 2007 and evidently neither of them hurt each other's sales.

dirthurts3666d ago

Halo and Call of Duty aren't really competitors. They won't affect each other as much as you think. People either like the Halo style, or they like the COD style. Some like both. But a killer Halo won't persuade COD fans to convert, and vise versa.

Agent Smith3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I don't know if the game will be good or not, but Activision's kind of being an ass to one of their own developers. Activision might have just said...

"Yo Treyarch, I'm happy for you, and I'm gonna let you finish, but Infinity Ward makes the best Call of Duty games of all time. Of all time."

Though, I can already guess Infinity Ward's next game.

Myst3666d ago

Lol! that picture...

Erotic Sheep3666d ago

So this means COD7 will be better than COD6 right?

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