What Modern Warfare 2 Did Right

RespawnAction: " There are a ton of people out there bashing Modern Warfare 2, and while I too can fall victim to saying that the game wasn't exactly my ideal follow up to the great Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2 isn't exactly all that bad. The game itself has done a few things that were cool and added to the gameplay. Oh, and a side note, don't mention the glitches. This article is about what the game itself did better, not what the community is doing to it. So to stir things up on the internet, here is a Modern Warfare 2 article that sheds light on the good things it accomplished."

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reaferfore203660d ago

Split screen special ops was fantastic. Other than that I never really cared for COD... oh wait Nazi Zombies were ace as well but that was WAW.

respawnaction3660d ago

I'd rather Treyarch just make a full game on that with multiplayer. I still play Zombies to this day

Chubear3660d ago

Everyone doggin on MW2 can go suck eggs. They're still all going to go support MW3 and it'll sell more than MW2.

BeaArthur3660d ago

Chubear...not necessarily after MW I thought I would be a MW fan for life but after investing countless hours into this mess I can honestly say that I will think long and hard before buying another MW title. If I give in and pick up MW3 and it plays like this, it will be the last one I ever buy.

JokesOnYou3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I wouldn't even know that the game was a "mess", lol I play the game religously almost daily for at least 3 or 4 hours and other than the odd game with "boosters" I don't have any problems, a occasional glitch here or there but I swear, I and most of the people I game with everyday are having a blast with MW2. Boosting is the only problem I run into at least a few times everytime I play but I can hardly classify that as ruining the experience when 95% of the time, I'm having fun shooting the hell out of crybaby kids, I either have fun trying to find & kill boosters or I jump a few times from game to game where there are no fcking cheating boosters and that's it problem solved. lol, I just understand that a community so huge will always find someway to cheat, thats just human nature. MW2 is a awesome game I don't care what the n4g elite say.


Volomon3660d ago

BeaArthur I'm thinking the exact same thing.

IW has turned MW2 into a gimmick casual gamer feast. I mostly played S&D and the original MW game was made for balance. This game has had to have patch after patch after patch and they are still not done. MW2 random killstreaks (carepackage) hell in the original you had to kill X amount of people in ONE round to get a killstreak, now they let the noobs in by allowing them to add round after round together, allowing for some BS in what is suppose to be a more even game.

MW was decried for the football throw grenades now we got every damn killstreak coming down on us. It's all good in maybe Team Deathmatch and a few others but when your playing S&D no it's not, because the same amount of pressure thats in TDM is not in S&D once you kill someone they are not coming back, in TDM they constantly spawn. Hence it's not equally balanced.

The fact that they didn't apply enough thought and testing into the game to where they have to go back and fix weapons and other things shows there wasn't enough care for balance.

It was all about trumping Treyarch and their Zombies and less about the game. What's worse is fools fall for this, the bigger the explosion the better, and that is all that is on some peoples minds. I play this game for competition not for fancy Killstreaks.

StanLee3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Let me take a piss out of this article if I may;
1. Juggernaut was clearly balanced by stopping power. What is the point of removing Juggernaut but everyone still runs around with stopping power killing me in 2 bullets?! Complaining about juggernaut when you're running around with stopping power makes you an a'hole. In martyrdom's defense, isn't painkillers and commando even more annoying?!
2. Bling; really, giving a player a silencer and thermal scope to camp half a mile away with their M16 or Famas was a really bright idea or the idiot with his uber grenade launcher/heartbeat sensor combo noobtubing you around a corner before you even know of his existence. Yeah, it so balances the experience.
3. Way to go IW, you make the shotguns better in MW2 but now they're secondaries so now you have more noobs running around with 1 hit kill monsters. Not to mention machine pistols more accurate than SMGs making the entire SMG class obsolete.
4. I so love the douches care package glitching with their care package, sentry gun, emergency air drop combo. Oh and encourage more people to camp and boost to get their Pave Lows, or AC130s or Chopper Gunners, or Nuke. God I miss 3, 5, 7!
5. With so many quitting to the dashboard how and when will this host switching ever really work. FAIL!
6. Coop; possibly the only thing they got right? Wrong, it's so shallow the enjoyment lasts for all of 3 minutes.

yesah3659d ago

somehow i just know they suck at MW2...

tomsau3658d ago

It's easy to overlook all it's flaws when you're having fun and owning
But I've realised how bad a game it really is

After killing someone just for them to spawn behind me and kill me... 3 times in a match, and also, them killing me and me spawning with my back to them... I realised just HOW ridiculous the spawning system can be

After stabbing someone not once, not twice, but three times just for them to stab me whilst not even looking at me, when we both had full signal, I realised how broken the melee system is.

After shooting someone for almost a second and getting no hitmarkers whilst ADS, and then watching the killcam just to see me fire no shots atall, when we both had 75% signal, I realised how easily the game can lag.

Lag is the main problem, 3/4 bars? LAAAAAAAAAAAG
A guy threw a knife at me, I saw the knife go right past me, I ran for a little less than a second then suddenly died... watched the killcam, he threw the knife, I disappeared, and then reappeared dead on the floor

I could go on for pages about how many problems happen so often, but no-one wants to read that.
I'm not bad at the game
half of the time I get a nice big KD without camping
and about half the time I get a nice big death streak, usually through no fault of my own, but less often, because the other guy deserved the kill.

That's a bad game right there, when you die because the game decides you should, not because the other guy is better than you.

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-Alpha3660d ago

Here are my thoughts:

1)Fixed the Perk System

I like how things are organized by in all honesty, taking out juggernaut was a HUGE mistake since they left Stopping Power in. Not only is Stopping Power still there but they boosted the damage multiplier! Either that or players have lower health. Also, the perks themselves are problematic. Lunge distances in commando, the knifing class, etc make me prefer CoD4's perks more


Yeah, it's very nice, though attachments themselves are bad. HBS forces everybody to use Ninja, and it makes S&D very predictable. And now Grenade launchers dont replace the first perk like they used to.

3) Awesome Secondaries

I like the fact that launchers are secondaries, however shotguns should have been primary IMO. Most people run around with them anyway.

4) Customizable Killstreaks

Here is the issue: not only does it force players to rely on kills (especially in objective modes), it also could have been designed better. Care packages ruin the skill of earning higher killstreaks, EMP is way too high and is way too ineffective (though it is an amazing killstreak), and Nuke is just horrible.

a) Nuke should NOT end games, ESPECIALLY objective games. What it should do is do a HUGE radius attack (you choose which part of the map), and maybe it could take up 25% of a map. In the affected area, everybody in it dies and everybody who enters dies too-- it stays till the end of the game too.

b) They should have ditched killstreaks and went with a momentum meter: the more points you get, the higher your bar fills and you can trade in the points in the meter for killstreak rewards or rack them up for bigger killstreaks. You get 10 points for killing, and 50 for doing objectives

Host Switching

Love it, but they should have had dedicated servers


Very fun.

I also love split screen, but it should have been split screen online

Halo 3 has the best multiplayer this gen IMO because of not only being solid, but because Bungie supports it weekly with updates and they allow numerous ways to play. They also had a fully capable replay mode that games today dont even have.

IW could have added so much more and done so much better IMHO.

tunaks13660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

exactly. MW2 had so much hype that blinded reviewers from actually seeing that IW's game has flaws.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Kind of agree about the perks thing, but they created as many problems as they solved. Martydom for Commando =/. And taking juggernaught out just means even more people use stopping power.

I like bling. RDS and silencers ftw. I use scavenger instead though - more useful IMO.

Secondaries. Hmm. The fact that such an amount of people use secondaries as primaries shows they shouldn't be secondaries.

The killstreaks are just a joke. 4 kills and i can get a chopper gunner? 8 kills and i can get 2? (This has happened more than once for me.) Encourages camping. Why should people go for objectives when they can just nuke the competition. If you can get 7 kills for a harrier your 80% of the way towards a nuke. After you've used your chopper gunner on a map like wastleland or afghan youve pretty much always got a 25 Streak. I could keep going for the whole post about nukes. They are that bad.

Host Switching and coop are good. Would have liked some kind of WaW equivalent where you can play through the story and hold off some zombies (or some other type of enemy)

BeaArthur3660d ago

It is a good article, however, you can't really praise IW when the core gameplay is flawed. Yes all of those things listed are great and welcome additions, but does it matter when someone is dropping unlimited care packages, or turning themselves into a human bomb, or running around every map with akimbo shotguns. None of those improvements matter when the core gameplay is a mess.

yesah3659d ago

good post

but, IW did those things to change how the game plays, to make the pace faster or slower. To make guns more stronger or weaker. Obviously not everyone is going to like how its changed. But that is in no way to say the changes are wrong.

IMO the cod series just gets better and better. WAW was better then MW MW2 better then WAW. Not really talking about u, but alot of people complaining just need to invest a little time and get good at the game before giving up and calling the game noobish when you just keep dying. The games are diffrent and will play diffrently. If you dont like it, Dont play it. But dont try to convince me or anyone else, that what were enjoying playing is really just a piece of garbage.

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arakouftaian3660d ago

Thats the only thing
i can think of

GLoRyKnoT3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I'm cool w/ it:)

borgome3660d ago

Only Ps3 fanboys and computer nerds don't like it.

DiffusionE3660d ago

Yes, because us "PS3 fanboys & computer nerds" refuse to bend over for IW and Activision. Or maybe both our platforms have far better games than your RROD box that we don't go 'ga ga' over mediocre franchise-milking games.

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