Kotaku: Activision Has Call of Duty 7 Loaded For Holiday

Given the "disproportionate contribution" that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 provided to Activision Blizzard's well-padded bottom line, it won't come as a surprise that the next Call of Duty game is coming this holiday season. See? You're not surprised.

Activision Blizzard confirmed its plans to "continue annualizing" the first-person shooter franchise with the still-unnamed seventh entry in the billion dollar Call of Duty series, offering little new info. But executives did talk briefly about the game's release window and their desire to see some subscription-style revenue from the series.

"If you think about the successes we have had in other categories on subscriptions, you can get a sense of the direction we want to take that franchise," Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said during today's quarterly earnings call, not specifying exactly when it planned to take such steps.

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DarkTower8053664d ago

Yes you will. Just like the millions of people said they weren't getting MW2 did. This time around the excuse will be "Well, it's Treyarch and they treat customers better, so I'll get it to support them."

Also, if this games has anthing like zombies in WaW, expect major sales.

Ghostsmoker3664d ago

I will by-pass this game. Even if I think the scenario is really good and the game could turn out to be better than MW2. Well, let's wait for some vids.

Prototype3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Sounds like can just make a fps, slap CoD in the title, then sale millions; rinse and repeat every year.

Seriously this is getting old; almost like sport games where every year they charge full price for a roster change, a whole 13 new pixels, some sort of online play, and after a few months shut down the servers for the previous game to force people into buying the new game. What they fail to realize not everyone is gonna open up to a new CoD every year, there will be some sort of resistance if this keeps up.

I'm already starting to have my boys boycott Activision games (ALL there games not just CoD) along with me to keep this nonsense down because its only gonna get worse if people keep buying their trash every year. They started with Guitar Hero, now its CoD, can't wait to see whats next...

animboo3664d ago

get this if its subscription based, activision heads are getting a little too big..somebody needs to shut them up.
activision just took the crown for being the [email protected]@che bag of gaming, i think they're twice as bad as ea was before.

Phaqutomb3664d ago

on this one .. i don't think i will be getting any more COD games.

sikbeta3664d ago

Yeah!!!! Another COD, I never could Imagine that /s

C-all of Bugs: Cheater-n Glitch-fare 3

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Raoh3664d ago

no one should have bought world at war either.. they announced it right after cod4 that there would be a new COD every year.. and people bought it.. and the dlc..

so of course ubisoft is going to make more of them

stop buying it people

NateNater3664d ago

I didn't buy World At War

Roper3163664d ago

what does Ubisoft have to do with anything? They have nothing to do with COD or Activision. COD is made by the over rated IW and the under rated Treyarch and published by Activision.

animboo3664d ago

i also didnt buy world at war, i was against going back to the ww2 setting and i stick to my conviction of not supporting it, and if they made the next cod subscription base then mw2 is the last game im buying from activision.

Myst3664d ago

Isn't this rather soon or is this actually normal? Not sure since I don't follow them to closely, but the release date for 7 seems way to soon...

NateNater3664d ago

Well if they release a new CoD game every year then this is normal I guess.

Myst3664d ago

Hmm, doesn't seem like a good business model to me, then again I'm not a business major so I more than likely don't know what I'm talking about :p.

DarkTower8053664d ago

Well Nuri, if you look at the sales (which Activision only cares about) it's a VERY successful business model.

The problem I see with it though is quality of the games suffer when devs are forced to complete these games by a certain time. Look at MW2, that game is months premature. Had the devs had more time maybe the game could have turned out more polished.

Myst3664d ago

For sales I suppose, but it's the latter I'm more worried about. Sales I won't deny that they have been pretty strong for that particular game, but there also seems to be a lot of stream and hatred brewing over it just as well.

The competition between one another releasing one every other year seems like it may throw some people for a loop and even annoy one person. If one Call of Duty title comes out this year that's good and a better one next year it just seems like it would be an annoyance...

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chak_3664d ago

barrelroll, double marketing budget, increase sale, evil laugh

see y'a next year

restart over

dkgshiz3664d ago

These games are starting to get really boring and extremely buggy.

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