New GTA IV Info

The latest "1UP Yours" podcast has a snippet from John Davison who recently saw the new GTA IV demo at Rockstar Games. He said that the latest demo focuses on an updated version of Broker (the area featured in the previous demo) and revealed that Rockstar plan to release 3 trailers in total, meaning there will be one more trailer after "looking for that special someone", which is due to be released next week.

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Mr_Kuwabara4225d ago

Just for us peeps increase our hype a lot more. =P

Coffin874224d ago

seriously, a demo of a gta game would SOO DAMN RUIN the first experience.

NEVER EVER EVER they will release a demo of a gta. NEVER!!!!!!!

and that's totally ok.

Rybnik4225d ago

Awesome, I'm really looking forwards to this.

Tsalagi4225d ago

Please release a demo!

Rybnik4225d ago

Yeah, good luck. If we are lucky, it will be at E3, I kind of doubt it though, as apparently GTA has never been a big presence at E3

matt19914225d ago

they will never release a demo the game is to mature

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The story is too old to be commented.