ActiBlizz to launch two new IPs in 2010

TVGB: "Activision Blizzard will launch two brand new wholly-owned IPs in 2010, it was said during the company's fourth quarter 2009 results conference call moments ago. As far as we know Blur, the "adult Mario Kart" from the acquired Bizzarre Creations should be one of them, and the second is Singularity. No pleasant surprises then?"

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mjolliffe3665d ago

Man I can't wait for the next 10 months xD

chak_3664d ago

world of rockcraft and starband 2 : lego warz?

singularity looks cool on the paper

Rich16313664d ago

Darn, I don't have any real interest in Blur of Singularity. I was kind of hopping for a full Nazi Zombie type game from Treyarch.

EvilJoey3664d ago

IDK about either of them games... But with a Company as big as Activission i would asume we would get alot more than 2 new ips

If Blizz revealed THERE New MMO... Would that count as one even if it didnt relase?