New DOA Xtreme 2 Screens

Some new screenshots of DOA Xtreme 2

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this game is just soft porn. its embarassing...

HyperBear5412d ago

What your saying is that either your a homo, or your a guy who hates girls. Real guys like women who are mainly naked playing volleyball in video games. Im sure im not the only one here.

pappajessicafresh5412d ago

No, I think that what he's implying is that REAL men sleep with REAL women instead of getting their kicks wanking off to pixelated fantasies.

See, THELANDOFSAND has amazing and regular sex with me:

Where as you play a video game and get a hard-on when you're lonely.

I think that if they had put as much thought into gameplay as they had the characters tits it would be a bit worth playing, but even watching cartoon breasts gets boring after a while if the game has no dynamics.

Cyclonus5412d ago

all in-game. The cool thing is jet ski racing will feature heavily, instead of volleyball.

no_more_heroes5412d ago

Tomonobu Itagaki was asked in an interview by ign I think and you know what he did? He gave him a weird look, laughed and said "are you crazy? Of course its in-game!" (Maybe not the exact words but something like that).

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