Kotaku: Alpha Protocol Impressions: Looks Deceive

Kotaku writes: "Like the spy agent depicts, the espionage role-playing game Alpha Protocol is stealthily approaching its release, now slated for early summer. And it's still a tricky game to size up. A few observations from a recent demonstration of the game:"

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ian723663d ago

Looking out for this game. If done right it could turn out very good. Like a spy kind of mass effect game. It could also go very wrong if done poorly. I do hope it turns out good, cause its a type of game I could enjoy.

lord_of_balrogs3663d ago

Mass Effect spy edition. I'm down.

Grown Folks Talk3663d ago

as you said, the key is doing it right. Multiple playthroughs with different choices/allies, ect. Hopefully the extra time makes it worth the $60.

dgroundwater3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Yeah it's hard not to have high hopes for this game. I love the variety for CQB options.

I hope they have improved the god-awful melee animations in that "rage mode" ability. It was in a dev diary video months back.

VileAndVicious3663d ago

Everything in Segas line up look very nice I think Im going to buy them all AVP, Resonance of Fate and Alpha. Ive been keeping my eye on this one and I hope they deliver.