Why The Monster Hunter Series Came To Wii

CC: Ryozo Tsujimoto, the lead producer on Monster Hunter Freedom Tri has revealed the main factor of the series coming to the Wii was the consoles motion controller.

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Noctis Aftermath3660d ago

The real reason is because the Wii has sold alot more consoles and they figure with a higher install base they will get more sales.
Another reason is because developing for the Wii is cheaper.

This whole "because of the motion controller" is utter BS.
I hope the western sales of MH3 bomb, it should always of been on the PS3 seeing how the game sells the most on PSP which is a sony platform.

Jamescagney3660d ago

Ah diddums Noctis, go cry in the corner.

maniacmayhem3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Why do you want a whole series to bomb?

Edit: Are you seriously that butt hurt?


3660d ago
Noctis Aftermath3660d ago

I never said the whole series should bomb, just this version.

Also the comment is indeed showing my bias towards the ps3, but it's not enough to warrant being posted in the open zone, i may come across as p1ssed off and that isn't simply cause the game is on the wii it's because they would rather make up some lie then give the real reasons behind them choosing the platform.

@jamescagney: oh can you pass me a tissue? you really hurt my feelings and it's going to take me a while to recover from your extremely well thought up insult.

The main reason i think it should of stayed as a PS3 game is because of all the space available on blu-ray, and for a game like this more space will only make the game bigger and better.

ZoidsRaven3660d ago

Yes it is.

1) You just said you have a ps3 bias.
2) You want it to flop in the states because it's not a ps3/psp title.
3) Your fanboyish rant had nothing to do with PhilipLarkin's post, but you just had to make it a reply so your rant can get some attention.

The Gamer Zone Posting Guidelines says "leave your fanboyism at the door please", follow the rules and do as it says. 7_7

ChickeyCantor3659d ago

"it should always of been on the PS3 seeing how the game sells the most on PSP which is a sony platform"

Isn't this their highest selling MH game ?

tda-danny3659d ago

I agree that its not due (solely) to the motion controller.

Wii has the highest install base, and they can use the engine from the PS2 with a few minor updates = greatest profits (theoretically more sales and a lower development cost).

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mjolliffe3660d ago

"The producer was also asked whether the game might move to the PS3 or 360 in the future, but the answer he gave seemed to divert the attention away from the question" - Arc and Natal maybe?

I'd be happy with that xD

Feral Gamer3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I tried Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on PSP and I just couldn't get into it.... Maybe I should give it a chance on Wii, but it seemed so repetitive and mundane. You cross through the same areas repeatedly just to track down beasts to kill. The animations were poor and I was just not satisfied with the game.

movements3660d ago

Never really liked the series actually. Don't get me wrong, excellent games they are; just not my cup of tea

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