EA: Dead Space 2 PC "under consideration"

VG247: Despite leaving Dead Space 2's PC SKU off its FY '11 schedule earlier this week, then admitting the version was "not on the plan" last night, mouse-based horror fans shouldn't lose heart: EA's just told us it's "under consideration".

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Umbrella Corp3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Hey the first was a success maybe well see more people playing especially since it has online multiplayer this time around.

tdrules3663d ago

about as much as the first one.

multipayer3663d ago

True, most games impose too many roadblocks for modders. Unless you're valve and epic supporting them, chances are they will be few and far between.

FantasyStar3663d ago

Save it EA. If your Console Port is as enthralling as the first Dead Space: don't bother.


I liked Dead Space, it was decent. A lot like RE4 but plopped in an Aliens movie, but it was still enjoyable.. I tend to stay away from PC TPS's though. They lose a lot of that hefty feel you get when using a mouse/kb. It's more sales for EA though, I say go for it!

I want to see more new things from EA, I think they're headed in a good direction.

Letros3663d ago

if its more action than horror like they claimed. Good horror games are hard to come by today.

Jamescagney3663d ago

Would be a shame, it was great on pc. But at least I'll have my ps3 to play it on, even if it's a gimped version of what could have been.

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The story is too old to be commented.