Playstation Magazine Previews Red Dead Redemption

RockstarNetwork Reports: "Just got my copy of Playstation Magazine in the mail today, and the first thing I went to look for was a Red Dead Redemption preview or review, and sure enough on pages 28 and 29 there it was! I did my best to scan the article but your best bet is to just go grab yourself a copy of the magazine.

One quote I did notice they said that "Visually it's a step up from GTA-its epic vistas sit somewhere between the mighty Assassin's Creed 2 and the mightier Uncharted 2. Impressive." That's saying a lot!"

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Uncle Rico3669d ago

oh nice...wish the scans were bigger though

TheDudeAbides3669d ago

I bet multiplayer will be crazy

IllusionRSN3669d ago

Yea I hope so, the game is shaping up nicely!

fishd3669d ago

I don't know why but I always enjoyed Rockstar's non-GTA game more than GTA

Red dead redemption
The Warriors

For me,They were better than any GTA game,hopefully this one will continue the trend!

IllusionRSN3669d ago

I think one will be amazing fishd, at least I hope it will be lol!

ian723669d ago

Been watching out for this for a while now and it is looking like another great game by Rockstar. Too many good games coming that I want and not enough time to play them. Great time to have gaming as a hobby.

ottoman_2393669d ago

got my Playstation Magazine 3 days ago. :)