Electricpig: Dante's Inferno (360) Review

Electricpig writes: "EA's nightmarish Dante's Inferno gives a whole new meaning to the expression "Go to Hell" but does this warped vision of the afterlife possess enough fire and brimstone to make God of War's Kratos tremble in his sandals? Read our Dante's Inferno review now and we'll give you the definitive lowdown.

When the medieval scribe Dante Alighieri penned his famous Divine Comedy way back in the 14th century he intended it to be a reflection of his own moral and religious views. What he probably didn't anticipate was that his renowned poem would become the inspiration for an interactive adventure featuring burly men, grotesque monsters and lots of heaving bosoms. But then it was Nostradamus who was famed for his prophetic powers, not Alighieri."

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