The Not Review of Heavy Rain - Opinions Changed

Heavy Rain, in my this SPOnG writer's house at least, hasn't been talked about in the way a regular game would be. For a start, my girlfriend wouldn't want start a conversation about how Marcus Fenix should complete a level, or what tactics Master Chief should take to defeat the flood, or even why Blinx was shit. Course not. But Heavy Rain came into my house and caused a scene then left through the backdoor, tipping a bin over on the way out. The cheeky little tyke.

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djreplay4797d ago

Modern Warfare 2 = stale
Heavy Rain = fresh

raztad4797d ago

Why an article about a PS3 ONLY/EXCLUSIVE SONY OWNED IP has to be flooded of references to Marcos Fenix and Master Chief? It's about time PS3 gamers (no xfans) review PS3 gamers.

Ontopic: HR has a huge appeal for non-gamers. I know my wife is gonna love it, she will be the one with the control. I want to enjoy the story.

Rockox4796d ago

100% agree. My wife loves adventure games like this, as do I.