New Need for Speed: ProStreet images

11 new images of Need for Speed: ProStreet, the latest installment of Electronic Arts' popular racing game series.

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NRG4229d ago

I hope these aren't touched up like a lot of the first Carbon pictures were.

Rybnik4229d ago

The first Carbon pics were a joke compared to these!

Crazyglues4229d ago

This game is starting to look suspect.... I need to see some actual game play. For a game that is suppose to be coming out in Nov. it's strange that we have no in-game video by now?

Rybnik4229d ago

It was I think 1up, who said that the damage modeling in this game is better than Dirt, and that the graphics are amazing..

PSTripleOG4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

With physics, which has made me happy lol

Why did someone Disagree, its true.

Bloodmask4229d ago

makes crap. Don't fall for their shots that aren't even from real gameplay. This game will be no different than all of EAs other copy and paste sequals.

level 3604229d ago

I'd really like to see the following be made as { Standard Feature } on all driving/racing games please:
1. In-Car Camera Viepoints ( vital )
2. Damage Mode ( make a better/proper physics simulation, like what you see when they do crash tests - front/side/rear/top/flip on-air... )
3. Weather Physics ( differing )
4. Ground Deformation ( slight to varied to extremes - whether it be gravel,mud,ice,snow,pavement )
5. Lighting Effects ( could be better - especially for dusk/night driving )
6. This one is only an if ( could be made as a possible option on a few driving/racing games ) - Since most of these consoles have got a hard drive in them, why can't we load our own preference of music while driving/playing, if you all still remember the first Project Gotham?, but with this ( you get to see yourself moving your hands adjusting the knobs on your dashboard, same as when changing gears w/ in-car views of course ) to tune-in your favorite music on the radio/ipod graphics. Now isn't that a good idea rehashed but w/ a few added tweaks? It would be a nice addition, and would make it seem a bit more real and enjoyable - especially with the listening to your own music!

risk4228d ago

i can understand 1-5...but #6 are you retarded??? were playing a game..not the game playing us.

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