Bioshock still "Xbox 360 exclusive", says Irrational

Irrational Games has reaffirmed the console exclusivity of its moody Xbox 360 shooter Bioshock.

"Obviously we need to give as many people as possible access to our game. However, this is an Xbox 360 exclusive and it's coming out on PC. That's the way it is on Bioshock" senior designer Joe McDonagh told CVG.

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toughNAME5208d ago (Edited 5208d ago )

look at all the desperate sony fanboys...and its only bioshock! wait till halo 3 comes some of them commit suicide

im looking at you - TheDesperado, 4D SHADOW, Shadow Flare, ImWithStupid

regardless...1st day purchase for me :D

23478ueyur_9382235208d ago

Mmm well I know if I were to ever get myself an Elite I would definitely, without a doubt buy this game. I can't speculate on whether it'll be a system seller but I certainly believe it should sell pretty well...

PSTripleOG5208d ago

This is no AAA game (my opinion).

DrunKao5208d ago

Bioshock is definitely AAA material. Whether it gets AAA sales is a whole other issue. If you're into FPS games you shouldn't miss this game.

RedSeven5208d ago (Edited 5208d ago )


toughNAME5208d ago (Edited 5208d ago )

well there both MS
and when we talk 'exclusive' we mean CONSOLES

out of all the lame ps3 fanboy excuses i have ever heard...thats gotta be one of the worst

RedSeven5208d ago (Edited 5208d ago )


Numark5208d ago

is your linux a console? Becuase he obviously means xbox 360 exclusive in regards to consoles. Learn to comprehend and you will be able to eat better for dinner.

Rhezin5208d ago

LMAO that should shut the sony fangirls up. Won't sell that well?
lol every person I've talked and know has it on preorder, and most of them don't even play games.

DiabloRising5208d ago

And yet Kojima confirms MGS4 is a PS3 exclusive time and time again... but the Xbots wont quit.

Lyberator5208d ago

Why are you in our section you asshole? Go away if you have nothing to contribute. And real original, xbots huh. Good one.

Jay da 2KBalla5208d ago

Wow. I can't wait to play this game. Every thing about this game is top notch. The graphics are mindblowing, the atmosphere is great, the story is deep, and the gameplay is very innovative.

Cant wait for this game.

iceice1235208d ago

Fail, he never has. It's all "speculation". Either way we don't need MGS, we actually have games worth playing.