Sony: PS3 3D firmware update due within months

Pocket-Lint: As Sony celebrates its Christmas sales success story for the PlayStation 3 (even though reports suggest the gaming giant is still losing money on each console it sells) Pocket-lint posed some questions to John Koller, the director of hardware marketing for SCEA about the high-end console's immediate future.

3D is set to be big in 2010, and Sony is not standing still in this market with 3D BRAVIA TVs due to hit this summer, which incidentally is when the PS3 is due its firmware update that will turn it into a fully-fledged, stereoscopic 3D-capable games platform, not to mention separate updates also due that will bring support for 3D Blu-ray.

Read on for our Q&A covering 3D, a 1TB PS3 and an App Store for the PlayStation Network...

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Nineball21123668d ago

And yeah, he's right. You can have a 1TB PS3 now if you want one. That's the nice thing about the PS3 being able to use non-Sony proprietary hardware.

LoVeRSaMa3667d ago

3D is great and all, but Id just rather have ingame voice chat..

SilentNegotiator3667d ago

Avatar is the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time. Do you think it would have done so well without 3D? Of course not.

The doubters can say whatever they want, but it's going to make a heck of a difference for the PS3.

peeps3667d ago

yeh lol looking back on it avatar's story is so cheesy and predictable. the technical side of things was the main draw.

even so, you could just go your local cinema like you would have done anyway but paid a bit bore for 3D. how many ppl have a 3d ready tv or plan on getting 1?

not as many as the ppl who paid that few extra £ to see a film in 3d thats for sure

LoVeRSaMa3667d ago

I can't remember saying 3D was bad, or challenging it with doubt, but Sony know that we have asked for IG chat, but it don't seem to be at the top of the priority list, which is why I posted.

Apparently having an opinion on priority of updates is a taboo?

PoSTedUP3667d ago

my friend seen avatar on a crappy bootleg dvd and had just as many good things to say about it as i did and i saw it in 3d.

but yeah i aint buying no 3d tv anytime soon, just paid $1,100 on a bravia a year ago. if they make games that only need the glasses then i'll roll with that for a while.

divideby03667d ago

I cant believe someone said they would rather have in game voice chat than 3d..that is just the dumbest comment I have read in months around here....its totally different thangs....

evrfighter3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Voice chat like vent or teamspeak would be better for gamers than 3d...

Being able to chat with your friends no matter what game you play while disabling ingame voice chat so you don't have to hear 12 year olds crying when they lose is something consoles need.

I have a true 120hz pc monitor being shipped to me as I speak. But I bought it for 120fps gaming not 3d. Something console gamers won't be experiencing for many years to come. 120fps gaming is an experience I havn't been able to get since my crt days. The difference between 60 and 120 fps is night and day (think of the difference between 30 and 60fps). It's also something your 120/240hz HDTV's won't be able to replicate.

sikbeta3667d ago

3D GT5
3D KZ2
3D Movies
3D for my Computer too

Gamers FTW!!!

SL1M DADDY3667d ago

With all the new tech out it makes the 3D experience much better and now to have it in our homes with the big screen HDTV's has me giddy. I love 3D and can't wait to get the update and get that 3D ball rolling in my own home.

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FishCake9T43668d ago

And you will be able to play it all on your new £1000+ TV. Many others and I wont be playing 3D games for a long time.

TheDudeAbides3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Yes, I don't see myself buying 3D tv in next 2-3 years. And I need all major games to use 3D, I'm not trowing away money for a few games.

Dylantalon13668d ago

myself as well as many others will be enjoying ps3 games in 3d on our sony bravias because we work to make a living and are willing to spend money on certain luxuries. not everything is for everyone and if a person really wants something then they will work towards it. a lot of people have never experienced stereoscopic 3d. dont bash it til youve tried it. after experiencing it myself, its my opinion that its visually amazing and well worth the investment.

Jamescagney3667d ago

Hark at you. Always makes me laugh when people point out they own Sony TVs, like we really care.

I work for a living also, and would consider spending more money on another tv a waste after I'd just spent money on a recent one.

But hey, money grows on trees for everyone aye?

morganfell3667d ago

...agreed. I have a 52 inch Sony Bravia XBR that is almost 2 years old and I am planning on upgrading to a 3D Sony set this summer. Some of us worked hard, had a little luck and enjoy the benefits of our dedication and perseverance.

Jamescagney3667d ago

Have you got a Sony microwave as well morgan? I'm really interested.

morganfell3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

No you are not interested. At least not in quality. I have no more time for wasteful undisciplined people that are jealous of more successful individuals and choose to lament the cost of being lazy. Here's the ignore. There is a reason your ratio is 32 (and counting) to 1.

Jamescagney3665d ago

No, it's actually because I don't give a toss if people agree with me and I say what I want and don't care who ignores me or of what ratio I have.

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blair_enigma3668d ago

not to start any flame here but just wondering if xbox360 has any 3d capabilities?! its the ps3 that i always hear about; it only does everything. what about the others? can they do 3d or everything?

yoghurt3668d ago

I don't know for sure, but I know msft in an interview said that they are not focusing on 3D, didn't seem interested - it's natal natal so no way they'll look at 3D

Aquarius3668d ago

your right - the PS3 only does everything.

about the 3D.
HDMI 1.3 is needed which all models of the PS3 is built in with.

However, for the 360 no models have HDMI1.3.

Shendow3667d ago

From what I have read, PS3 will be doing a full HD 3D, 360 can do 3D but it won't be as good of HD as the PS3's.

Why is that?.....Don't know, it might be the fact that the 360 won't have the software in the system and the games aren't supporting it or it could be something else.

In the end, being able to play any games in 3D would be kind of fun, even old school games from NES.

darthv723667d ago

360 with 1.2x can do 3D but just not at the same rate. MS has nothing really to gain from supporting 3D like sony. MS doesnt make tv's or own movie studios. Two things to help usher in the 3D era. The platform to play it on is considered the 3rd.

There has been a few companies that have made 3d work on the 360 outside of games. Next3D is one who already tested the 360 running movies in 3D and they weren't even 3D specific movies. It was all software driven but required an hdmi 360 on a 3d capable tv with shutter glasses. Like what was done on PC's for a few years now.

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Pennywise3668d ago

3D... The new addition to the PS3 that no one asked for! Cool concept and I am sure it will be used in the years to come, but I am growing tired of them ignoring a simple request by many gamers.

CROSS GAME CHAT. Give it to us... even if it is going to be part of a paid PSN expansion, can I please have it already?

Aquarius3668d ago

they also need to get rid of those copy-protected saves.

locked to the PSN-ID or something.

yoghurt3667d ago

I appreciate what you are saying pennywise, but I STILL do not see the need for cross game chat, why do I want to talk to someone playing a different game?

peeps3667d ago

some ppl like to just chat with mates while they game...

i mean for me personally i just chat on ts with my friends but if it wasn't for that it would get pretty boring just sat in playing video games lol

sikbeta3667d ago

I'mma Let You Finish Pennywise but

3D Everything = Gaming + Movies + Tv Shows + PC > XGC


Gamers FTW!!!

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