Could the iPad Save the Desktop Computer?

Wired: A strange thing has happened. After years of using a notebook as my only computer, I'm considering going back to a desktop machine. Why? The iPad.

It's too early to tell for sure, but the iPad looks like it will do almost everything my MacBook does away from the desk: reading, browsing, watching movies in bed. It'll even take care of the one thing that makes me schlep a notebook with me on vacation: importing and backing up photos. In fact, for many things it'll be better than a MacBook, as it will be as grab-able as an iPhone for quickly getting something done, and I can jiggle it around without killing the hard drive.

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Major_Tom3666d ago

....... I seriously am speechless to the title.

qface643666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

only thing that popped into my head


-Alpha3666d ago

like...asking... a man what kind of nail polish he wears...its just... incompatible.

Blaze9293666d ago

damn and this is from Wired!?

Sitdown3666d ago

"flambait" articles...every now and then out of the blue comes an article in which ps3 fans, 360 fans, wii fans, and anybody with any common sense can unit. In one voice people all over the world say..."What the ?!?!?!"

Okay, do you ask a question, only to say in your second paragraph that its too early to tell.

"but the iPad looks like it will do almost everything my MacBook does away from the desk: reading, browsing, watching movies in bed."

Hmm, my touch pro 2 can do all just maybe it can help save the desktop computer as well....and just for kicks, it even multi-tasks.

SaiyanFury3666d ago

So let me get this straight, just from the title; people aren't using desktop computers anymore, we're all using overpriced tablets like the iPad? OK there... Oh, by the way, I'm typing this on my desktop PC.

Raz3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I have a hard time seeing how I would take this anywhere outside the house. I'd be paranoid about breaking it or spilling something on it - at least I can fold up my laptop, and it's solid enough to withstand being knocked around a bit.

Periodically scrubbing the fingerprint oil and detritus off the screen of my iPod is already too much work. Does the iPad come with a full-size chamois? What next, Apple wash stations where you can get your products cleaned, buffed, shined and waxed? (for a nominal fee, unless you have a monthly subscription.)

And what, am I supposed to walk around with this thing tucked under my arm? It's a sure bet it won't sit safely in my pocket like my iPod.

So is it really a replacement for laptops? I kinda doubt it. I think I'll be sticking to a solid keyboard and a screen I don't have to wipe every twenty minutes.

Kakkoii3666d ago

Can it play WoW? Then cannot.

But in seriousness.. It's a freaking Apple computer product. Perhaps in a universe where Apple had majority desktop computer share, then this story might have some substance. But even then, this thing is just an overgrown iPod Touch. It can't really even multi-task. This thing is not a tablet computer. It is a MID/PMP. (Mobile Internet Device/Portable Media Player). And a very overpriced one at that. Half the cost of these things is profit for Apple. And on the $800 they get an almost $500 profit -_-. It's utterly ridiculous. You could in no way save a computer industry with such price margins.

But this is completely frivolous since the Desktop Computer is not dying.

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kamfair553666d ago

this is stupid on so many levels

Akagi3666d ago

A device that doesn't support flash, can't multitask - save the Desktop PC?

Ha! haha.

GamerSciz3666d ago

I love my Iphone but the no flash thing is still upsetting.

As for the Ipad replacing what way? My laptop is 500gb HD. Plus has ports to hook up to a monitor, and something people call a CD/DVD drive. So you can have your 32gb of movies and music combined, but I like an actual keyboard, and a cd/dvd drive to watch movies. Plus I don't feel like spending $500 on something that is just a big Ipod touch. I will pass.

SoX FireBlade3666d ago


I have a desktop computer but I want to get a portable device and there is no way I'm getting the iPad

Kakkoii3666d ago

Yeah, there's something more awesome coming out. Notion Ink's: Adam.

So much more awesome. Plus it uses Tegra 2 which pwns what's in the iPad.

SoX FireBlade3665d ago

Well I need something that I can make video games montages with it

so far the notebook is the best

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Erocal3666d ago

but the article is a good read. Nowadays having a good portable computer is almost as important as having a good desktop. Although Im not too sure about the ipad being "great", I can see how some people might need it over a netbook. Now if they can get that Wifi Battery recharger to the masses life would be so great. :)

ProjectVulcan3666d ago

Quite clearly it will save the desktop computer because everyone will be on theirs laughing at articles like these :P

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